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Saturday, January 23, 2016

TOS reviews

Looking for an opinion on a certain homeschool product? I have listed all the reviews that I have completed as part of the TOS Crew below.

March 2010 ~ May 2011 Reviews

~ Download n’ Go: Expedition Australia
~ WannaBe
~ Travel the World (June 2010 Module)
~ Travel Kits
~ Peterson Direct Handwriting
~ Time 4 Learning
~ PyraMath
~ Salem Ridge Press
~ Schleich
~ Vocabulary Cartoons
~ LanSchool
~ Read, Write & Type
~ Brill Kids Little Reader
~ 2010-2011 Middle School Planner
~ Yuck
~ Corps of Re-Discovery
~ Apologia Press: Good Morning, God
~ Tiny Planets
~ Positive Action, 4th Grade
~ Math Facts Now
~ See -N-Read
~ Easy Classical
~ Maestro Classics - Peter and the Wolf
~ Speekee
~ The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids
~ TenMarks
~ Times Alive!
~ Dig it! Games ~ Roman Town
~ VocabAhead: SAT Vocabulary Cartoons, Videos, & MP3s
~ Curiosity Files: Zombie Fire Ants
~ Kid Scoop’s Reluctant Reader Solution
~ Apologia- Who is God?
~ Brill Kids – Aesop’s Fables
~ Big IQ Kids
~ Classical Academic Press, Latin for Children
~ GoGo Kabongo
~ KinderBach
~ Science Weekly
~ Yesterday’s Classics
~ MonkieSee
~ GoTrybe
~ Mad Dog Math
~ Wordy Qwerty
~ Reading Street
~ Eagle’s Wings: Considering God’s Creation
~ Read for the Heart

June 2011 – December 2011 Reviews

~ How to Have a H.E.A.R.T for your Kids
~ Wise Alec ~ Nature Nut
~ Before Five in a Row
~ AIMS- Solve It! 3rd Problem-Solving Strategies
~ Aletheia Writing Magazine
~ Visual Latin
~ Always Icecream
~ E-mealz
~ Apologia - Educating the WholeHearted Child
~ Wits & Wagers Family
~ Excellence in Literature, English 1
~ Memoria Press – Classical Phonics
~ Ooka Island Adventure
~ Keyboard Town PALS
~ College Prep Genius
~ Read Naturally
~ The Reading Game
~ Artistic Pursuits, Book 1
~ The World's Greatest Stories

 January 2012 – May 2012 Reviews
~ Zeezok Z-Guide: The Red Badge of Courage
~ We Choose Virtues
~ KinderBach
~ Math Rider
~ See-N-Spell
~ Apologia: Who Am I? {And What Am I Doing Here?}
~ All About Reading, Level 1
~ Reading Eggs
~ The Art of Argument
~ Progeny Press Literature Guides
~ Action Alert
~ Amazing Animals by Design
~TruthQuest History: Middle Ages
~ Write with World
~ Christian Kids Explore: Biology
~ God’s GREAT Covenant: New Testament 1
~ Amazing Science, Vol. 1
~ Mathematical Reasoning, Level F
~ The Homeschool Library Builder
~ Judah Bible Curriculum
~ Library and Educational Services: GO Science
~ CapJaxMathFax
~ Write ShopJunior D
~ Heritage History: Young Readers
~ What Makes a Fish, a Fish?

June 2012 – November 2012 Reviews
*abbreviated year as new schedule is put into place
~ Rainbow Sentences

~ myWorld Social Studies: Building Our Country

~ Creation Illustrated

~ Homeschool Spanish Academy
~ Professor B Math
~ Apologia: Who is my Neighbor?
~ Keyboarding for the Christian School
~ MapTrek
~ No-Nonsense Algebra
~ Zane Education
~ Create Better Writers
~ Math Made Easy: Addition
~ A Thomas Jefferson Education
~ Vocab Videos
~ Vocabulary Spelling CITY
~ Christian Liberty Press
~ Ten Girls from History
~ Everyday Cooking *Molly Crew*
~ Reading Kingdom
~ Math911
~ Lots & Lots of Penguins
~ Family Time Fitness *a published review*
~ Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship
~ Homeschool Legacy: Early Settlers in America
~ Music Together: Family Favorites
~ BOX of I.D.E.As
~ Beeyoutiful
~ Kinderbach
~ Dayspring Christian Academy: The Pilgrim Story
~ Crossbow Education: Eye Level Reading Rulers
~ Samson’s Classroom
~ Beloved Books: Sugar Creek Gang
~ Recon
~ Activity Bags: Science & Preschool bags
~ Apologia: Journeys to Faithfulness
~ Modesty Matters *Molly Crew*
~ Institute for Excellence in Writing: Primary Arts of Language
~ Vocal Coach Singer

2013 Reviews

Apologia Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day
Flowering Baby
A+ Tutorsoft Interactive Math
Going to college and paying for it
READS - Parent - Child reading
TouchMath - Pre-K
Essentials in Writing, Grade 10 
Supercharged Science 
Leadership Garden Legacy 
Knowledge Quest Timeline Builder 
Progeny Press - Hobbit & Treasure Island 
Math Rider 
The Power in Your Hands Writing 
Home School in the Woods - Hands on History
LiteracySoft Phonics and Reading
Papa's Pearls 
Spanish For You 
High School Prep Genius Academic Guide
Scaredy Cat Reading System express 
Memoria Press Geography I 
Baker Publishing Group 
Moving Beyond the Page - Wrinkle in Time 
Classical Conversations - Prescripts 
Dig-It Games - Mayan Mysteries 
Picaboo Yearbooks 
Homeschool Programming 
Circle Time - Plan the Best Time of your Day 
Gryphon House - Homegrown Preschooler 
Brainfood Learning 
Bible Study Guide for All Ages 
Notgrass - Draw to Learn Reading Kingdom 
The Family Hope Center 
In the Hands of a Child _ Its All Matter 
Doorpost - beauty in the heart 
Homeschool Spanish Academy 
Greene Bank Press 
Time For Learning 
Presidential Game 
Zondervan - Homeschool Moms Bible 
YWAM Publishing - Jim Elliot 
Chess House Gods World News 
Barbour Publishing - Diary of a Real Payne
Rosies Doll Clothes Patterns
EEME - Project Genius Light 
Carole P Roman - If you were Me and Lived In... 
IXL- online math 
At Home in Dogwood Mudhole

2014 Reviews
Motivated Mom's 
Talking Shapes App
Egglo Entertainment 
Mango Language 
Supercharged Science 
What Are You Curious About 
Memorizing Philippians in 28 Weeks 
Artistic Pursuits - Sculpture Technique
Maestro Classics - Casey at Bat and Mike Mulligan 
Trident Kraken Case 
Apologia - What We Believe
Progeny Press - Frog and Toad Together
Kinder Cottage Publishing - Peter Rabbit 
We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards 
Veritas Press Self Paced History 
Moving Beyond the Page 
Homeschool Piano
Write Shop Jr- book E 
Hewitt Homeschooling 
Roman Roads Media - Old Western Culture 
Under Drakes Flag 
The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner 
My Student Logbook 
IEW-Fix It Grammar
Preschoolers and Peace Homeschooling 
Standard Deviants Accelerate
Anthem for a Nation 
Clued in Kids - Halloween
Jim Hodges Audio Books - With Lee in Virginia 
If He had Not Come

2015 Reviews

Great Commission Films - Indoctrination 
FreedomProject Education - Mother Should I Trust the Government 
The Critical Thinking Co. - Editor in Chief
Great Parents Academy
Ready to Teach - Greek Morphemes 
Memoria Press - First Start Reading
Star Toaster - Orphs of the Woodlands 
Artistic Pursuits - Elementary Book
LaLa Logic A+ Interactive Math
Real Life Press 
Successful Homeschooling Made Easy
S is for Smiling Sunshine 
Homeschool Legacy - Birds of Feather 
Torchlighters - John Wesley Story 
Memoria Press - Latin Christiana I 
Dynamic Literacy Wordbuild Foundations
CTC Math
Smartkidz Media 
Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Home School in the Woods - Project Passport: Ancient Egypt
SimplyFun - Shape Whiz 
Unlock Math - Unlock Pre-Algebra 
Heirloom Audio Productions - With Lee in Virginia
Funtastic Unit Studies - Science Unit 
Classical Conversations - Conversation 
Stinky Kid Math 
Fascinating Biology 
YWAM Publishing - George Washington
Reading Kingdom 
Progeny Press - Stone Fox 
">FishFlix - Do you Believe 
Koru Naturals 
Brookdale House - Drawing Around the World
Apologia - Ultimate Planner
Maestro Classics - The Nutcracker
Standard Deviants Accelerate - Homeschool courses 
The Critical Thinking Co. - Fun Time Phonics 
Grapevine Studies - Birth of Jesus, multi level

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