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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ready To Teach: Greek Morphemes {It’s NOT Greek to Me!} ~ a TOS review

Ready to Teach Review

Do you find it hard to teach vocabulary to your middle or high schooler? Are you searching for just the right program that will help improve your students vocabulary while also helping to develop high order thinking skills? Then I have the vocabulary that might work for you!


I was so excited to be offered Greek Morphemes Lessons (It's  NOT Greek to Me!) from Ready to Teach. This vocabulary program is the brainchild of Alene H. Harris, Ph.D. who taught secondary vocabulary and life science in the schools of Nashville TN for over 16 years.


Once our package arrived at our house I opened it up to find two books, a teachers manual and a student book, and a flash drive.

As I explored the program that night reading through the teachers manual, I discovered that this program can be used three different ways.

~ independently, with the student fully in charge of the flash drive and working through the lessons

~ with the parent as the teacher working right along with the student and guiding he or she through the lessons

~ in a co-op setting

Greek Morphemes Lessons (It's  NOT Greek to Me!) studies Greek roots, suffixes, and prefixes  in 12 lessons with a major review and test after Lessons 6 and 12. Ideally the course can be completed in just 14-16 weeks if you complete a lesson a week.


A detailed daily lesson plan is included inside the teachers manual so you know exactly what to do. Answers are included for each lesson too. Each lesson also includes a set of color – coordinated study cards for further review for the visual and tactile/kinesthetic learners. The study cards are printed on cardstock and I plan to laminate them for use with future children down the road. Bulletin board ideas and transparency masters are included if you have those options available to you. At the end of each week there is a lesson test which includes 25 to 30 morphemes.


I choose to work right along with Madison, my 8th grader, through the lessons. Before we began I went over the detailed lesson plan so she would know exactly what was expected. While I did not sit right next to her during study time, I was available in the next room for questions. I also found that reviewing with her in the van while driving to the gym or while sitting at the ball fields was a great way to get her to explain what she was learning. This proved a good way for her to stump me on some of the words too Smile

“An article in the June 2008 Peabody Reflector, a publication of Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, recently highlighted research showing that children learn best when they explain what they are learning to their mother”. {pg.7}

Overall, I {we} love this vocabulary instruction program and wholeheartedly recommend it to 20150402_111531anyone looking to build a solid foundation in Greek or Latin roots. Madison has a firm grasp of the written language and vocabulary has always been one of her strong points because she reads so much. This program has helped her in preparation for the SAT / ACT and in her general everyday studies. We plan to finish out the second half of this book and then begin the Latin book available in the fall.

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Company ~ Ready to Teach

Product ~

Greek Morphemes Lessons (It's  NOT Greek to Me!)

Price ~ $69.95 plus $12.75 shipping & handling

Ages ~ 8th grade and up

Ready to Teach Review
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