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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Roman Roads Media: Old Western Culture: The Greeks, The Epics ~ a TOS review

Roman Roads Media Review

Have you ever wanted to dive head first into great classical works likes the Iliad or The Odyssey but thought they would be too challenging for yourself or your student? Well, I am here to tell you that you can with the help of Roman Roads Media and their new curriculum, Old Western Culture: The Greeks. They have produced a curriculum that will help you through these two works called The Epics.

You many have heard of Roman Roads Media before from other curricula they publish, like Visual Latin. As a company they are renowned for publishing Classical, Christian curriculum for homeschoolers. All of their products combine technology and resources with high quality instruction to help foster a love of learning in your child.

Roman Roads Media Review

Old Western Culture: The Greeks is a full year of instruction divided into four units: The Epics, Drama and Lyric, The Histories, and The Philosophers. We received the first installment in the course called The Epics, which retails $56.00. Student and Teacher workbooks are included on the DVD or you can also purchase a 51 page, spiral bound printed one on the site for just $12.00. The student workbook includes discussion questions for each lesson, a roadmap to additional resources, a final exam, as well as an answer key to help the teacher.

The Old Western Culture seeks to teach 8th through 12th graders Great Books through a Christian point of view. A veteran teacher of the classics, Wesley Callihan, guides your student through the wonderful world of Homer in a story-like fashion. This intriguing course almost feels like a museum field trip as you dive into the plot and beauty of Homer’s poems. Feel like you have stepped right into the storyline while viewing hundreds of exhibits filled with historical artifacts and famous renditions in of classical Homer paintings.


1. Introduction to Old Western Culture

2. The Backdrop to the Iliad.

3. The Anger of Achilleus. (Iliad I-IV)

4. The First Critical Turning Point. (Iliad V-IX)

5. The Deception of Zeus. (Iliad X-XV)

6. The Second Critical Turning Point. (Iliad XVI-XXI)

7. The Death of Hektor. (Iliad XXII-XXIV)

8. The Telemachy. (Odyssey I-IV)

9. The Court of Alkinoös. (Odyssey V-VIII)

10. Odysseus Tells of his Wanderings. (Odyssey IX-XII)

11. The Homescoming of Odysseus & The Judgement of the Suitors. (Odyssey XIII-XXIV)

12. The Legacy of Homer in Western Civilization.

When this great program was offered for review I envisioned working through it with my two oldest girls, Marie {17} and Madison {13}. I quickly learned that it was over Madison’s head and that she was not ready to fully appreciate and understand the greatness that Homer was. So, I switched my focus to working with just Marie.

A handy schedule broken down into a 5 days a week study is included within the curriculum making it a manageable 9 week course. Daily lessons include alternating between viewing a short 30 minute lecture and answering lecture questions; to reading from the book and then answering reading comprehension questions. I was able to find copies of the Great books needed since Marie prefers to read books in hand. 

While this was not exactly up Marie’s alley as to how to spend the rest of her summer, she was able to make it through 4 1/2 weeks of the course after returning from Michigan. Will she continue with the study? YES, just at a much slower pace. I think the books discussed are something that everyone should read. And the material is presented in such a way to make it engaging and not boring as in the way I went through The Iliad and The Odyssey in school.  Be sure to click on the banner below to check out what my Crewmates thought of this program and the other programs offered for review from Roman Roads Media including:

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Company ~ Roman Roads Media

Product ~ GREEKS: The Epics

Price ~ $56.00 DVD

Ages ~ 8th to 12th graders

Roman Roads Media Review






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