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Thursday, May 1, 2014

ARTistic Pursuits ~ Sculpture Technique: Construct ~ a TOS review

ARTistic Pursuits Review

I used to struggle to incorporate Art into our weekly studies. However, this year each of the girls have had the opportunity to take art classes at the co-op we are currently attending. This year they each had the opportunity to participate in the art show and with the help of ARTistic Pursuits their natural talent was brought out even more.

ARTistic Pursuits Review

We received  the new book called Sculpture Technique: Construct for this review. With 83 pages this book is designed for the upper elementary to high school crowd. Within the pages of this comb binded book your child will have the opportunity to discover their creative strengths in three-dimensional art.

Concepts taught in this series include:

~ papermaking methods

~ papier-mâché

~ cardboard and wire  sculpture

In your own home environment your child will be able to explore these concepts as deeply as they fancy. And unlike craft books, your student will work as a sculptor, choosing a subject matter that is interesting to their life, and will focus on the whole process of the project they decide to create rather just creating something randomly without thought.

Sculpture Technique: Construct features the following elements:

~ step-by-step written instructions with clear, concise examples and drawings to provide better understanding of the concept presented.

~ supply lists accompany each project. {Ready made art supply packs can also be found in Blick U Art Lists on the art supply packs page}.

~ a complete discussion of materials, tools, safety precautions and basic instructions are included at the beginning of each new project section.

~ a THINK AHEAD! section is included with each project to  encourage students to consider  ideas about the subject and to read all instructions before beginning so you are fully prepared for the project ahead.

When starting this book with the girls I intended for everyone to make some type of sculpture for the art show. However, my best laid plans did not pan out and only Mikayla (11), Montana (7) and McKenzie (4) made a sculpture from papier-mâché. Marie (17) and Madison (13) choose to only enter drawings and photos into the art show. Even though this particular book is selected for older students I was able to bring the level of knowledge down so that my younger girls could participate fully.

Have you ever done  papier-mâché with a 4 year old? It’s messy and sticky but you know what she loved it and so did I!


Mikayla created a pizza sculpture.


Montana sculpted her favorite big cat, the cheetah.


McKenzie created a cute penguin.

ARTistic Pursuits offers a wonderful Art program for many different grade levels all the way from Preschool through High School.  With books for many different grade levels you are sure to find one just right for your student(s)...


~ Preschool, ages 3-5

~ Early Elementary K-3rd, Book One
~ Early Elementary K-3rd, Book Two
~ Early Elementary K-3rd, Book Three

~ Elementary 4th-5th grade, Book One
~ Elementary 4th-5th grade, Book Two

~ Middle School 6th-8th, Book One
~ Middle School 6th-8th , Book Two     

~ Sr. High, Book One
~ Sr. High, Book Two

~ Sculpture Technique: Construct

~ Sculpture Technique: Model

~ Sculpture Technique: Carve {available 2016}

ARTistic Pursuits has won many awards in the homeschooling community, including Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards, 2010 Homeschool Crew Favorite Fine Arts Product, and first place in the art category in the Excellence in Education awards. Each of the books sell for $47.95 each and can be purchased here. The great thing about them is that the pages are non-consumable so you can use the books again and again with your family. Artistic Pursuits also sells the art supplies needed for the projects in the books and prices vary for that.  You can however find the items at your local craft store and be fine too.

 ARTistic Pursuits has met all of my expectations and has taken my struggle to incorporate art into our week.  They will always be my go to curriculum when it comes to Art for my girls because of the ease of lessons and the open and go format of the books.  It’s no wonder they have won so many awards, the books are fabulous and we will continue to use them in our homeschool for many years to come!  Click on the banner below to see what my  Crewmates thought about the different Artistic Pursuits reviewed.

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Company ~ ARTistic Pursuits
Product ~ Sculpture Technique: Construct
Price ~ $47.95
Ages ~ upper elementary and high school
ARTistic Pursuits Review


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