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Friday, April 30, 2010

McKenzie's 8 months

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's my Birthday!

This is me 31 years ago...

and this is me now...

WOW, 32 smackaroos!

It seems just like yesterday... well it was yesterday that I was thinking about how I was going to be 32 years old, and now I am. Hmmm...feels the same, and that's a good thing, right?

What a lovely morning it was. I awoke to the smell of hot pancakes. Yum! Marie prepared an awesome meal of pancakes and pineapple chunks, what a sweet child of mine. After breakfast it was present time. I always am amazed at the creativity of these girls of mine. I love the homemade gifts from them, it warms my heart.

Check out the legs on my picture, if that is how my legs look in real life, I need to get moving before the Fighter Ball (Yes!!!, we are going this year!) or our beach holiday.

I got an email early this morning from my favorite person, it made my heart do a flip flop. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hear his voice on this day, but the email is the next best thing, especially since I know he had to get up super early his time before things were at a standstill on the ship.

We treated ourselves to a milkshake this afternoon from Chik-fil-a. Man I need to stay away from there, but they are soo good. Come May I have to be very disciplined if I am going to look halfway decent for the prom, I mean Ball.

On the menu for dinner tonight is my all time, hands down, favorite food since I was a itty bitty girl, spaghetti with meat sauce. Oh the smell, if computers had smell-o-vision your face would be planted against your screen, trust me I make a mean meat sauce. How's that for a visual. Start off with a side salad, made by Chef Madison and garlic bread by Chef Mikayla and call it a day! (pictures for that tomorrow-I am too tired now to load them). No-bake cheesecake is for desert, but that will have to wait until later, because tonight we are going to our first community small group at church. I am nervous, but we are going!

Okay, if you have read this far and you have come here from Face Book, thanks so much for all the Birthday wishes! Oh, and come back more often and see what's going on in our neck of the woods.

How blessed I am to be the Momma of these sweet girls.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Have you seen me?
I have searched high and low, been to 4 different stores and still no luck locating them. Are they in stores near you? Hmmm...if all else fails I will just have to make my own.

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365~118 Shopping

McKenzie is finally sitting upright, wobbly a bit at times, but she has the jist of it. We got lots of stares and comments, as most people wanted to know how old she was since she is so tiny. She seriously looks as though she is a 4 month old baby, sporting her cute flower headband and baby legs. I totally need to get one of those basket protectors again, she tried to taste the basket so many times I lost count, Y-U-C-K!!! (I throughly wiped it down, but you can never be too careful). We had one for Montana, but got rid of it when we thought we were "done". Anyone know of someone who sells homemade ones on Etsy?

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet shot #2

this is the way my girls study their spelling words.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

I Heart Faces ~ Smiles

This week I am entering my first photo in the I Heart Faces photo challenge ~ Smiles.

Be sure to head on over to I Heart Faces and see all the pretty smiles!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I wanted to share with you the WannaBe Firefighter e-book from The Old Schoolhouse. What a great series this is to get a sneak peak into the lives of a real Firefighter. The information was well layed out and detailed enough for my older children, yet engaging enough for the younger ones too. This book could easily be used a full unit study and/or used for making a lapbook. I really liked that the book includes both manuscript and cursive writing examples for both younger and older students. To further enhance the learning experience the creative writing prompts for storytelling allow you to get into character and to use firefighter lingo. The girls had fun acting out scenes and taking turns being the firefighter and rescuing the trapped baby from the burning building. We all especially enjoyed the section on American Sign Language (ASL). This section showed you how to finger spell some significant words. Can you figure out what these say?

Be sure to stop by The Old Schoolhouse and check out the other titles available in this series and take a peak inside the lives of other career choices including a chef, a doctor,a missionary and many more.

So, what do you Wanna Be?

Okay, confession time here...when I was a little girl I used to want to be an 18 wheel truck driver. I thought it was so cool that the trucks had a cabin on the back and you could sleep in your truck. That and the horn!!!

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