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Friday, October 31, 2014

Jim Hodges Audio Books: With Lee in Virginia ~ a TOS review

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We are big fans of audio books in our house. I find them especially helpful for one of my daughter’s who is not quite the avid reader as I would like her to be. We recently were given the opportunity to add to our audio book collection by reviewing  With Lee in Virginia by G.A. Henty and the corresponding Study Guide which were published by Jim Hodges Productions.

We received a physical MP3 CD copy of this unabridged  version of With Lee in Virginia. Written by an Englishman, this audio book retells the 1860’s account of the War between the States from a Southerners perspective. As we travel through the story Mr. Henty delicately knits the story of a young hero, Vincent Wingfield, who is a member of an old Virginia family with accounts of important battles of Lee and his officers.

Jim Hodges Productions Review

Vincent joins the army and joins up as a scout attached to Ashby’s cavalry troop. Throughout the story Vincent finds himself in a number of difficult situations because of his overwhelming sense of justice. Vincent is able to bring each crisis he faces to an end as his courage and resourcefulness never seem to fail him.

Jim Hodges Productions Review

For just $25.00 for the physical MP3 CD or $18.00 digital download you can enjoy over 11 hours of listening time and  become immersed within the story with these 20 chapters:

  1. A Virginian Plantation
  2. Buying a Slave
  3. Aiding a Runaway
  4. Safely Back
  5. Secession
  6. Bull Run
  7. The “Merrimac” and the “Monitor”
  8. McClellan’s Advance
  9. A Prisoner
  10. The Escape
  11. Fugitives
  12. The Bush-Whackers
  13. Laid Up
  14. Across the Border
  15. Fredericksburg
  16. The Search for Dinah
  17. Chancellorsville
  18. A Perilous Undertaking
  19. Free
  20. The End of the Struggle

MP3 CD’s can be played on any MP3 CD player, computers, or DVD players, however, they will not work on standard CD players. The great thing is that you can download them into your media library to install them on your smart phone or favorite tablet for on the go listening.


We also received the corresponding Study Guide to go along with our story. The study guide retails for $12.00 and allows the purchaser to make printed copies for members of your immediate family only. It is chock full with vocabulary words, comprehension questions, history and geography as well as activities for each of the 20 chapters.

We have a few other Jim Hodges audio books, and this one does not fail in quality either. Mr. Hodges has a great reading voice that draws you into the story and brings the characters to life. Once this CD arrived at our house I eagerly popped it into the player. Throughout the year  we have enjoyed several audio dramas, and this product is far from that. In fact, this is a true adventure story without all the background music. It is nice to have the opportunity to hear both.

Primarily I used this with Mikayla {11} as this is the time period she is studying. I will caution you and say that the language spoken may give offense, as the “N” word is used several times. I understand that was the “norm” of that time, but I do not condone its use and wished there was some sort of BLEEP button. Did I feel it retracted from the story? No. Just my personal preference for my family.

Each of the chapters range between 30 to 44 minutes in length and there is no way to stop the reading, mid chapter. So be sure allot enough time to finish the chapter, especially if you listen while on the go like we did the majority of the time. I also enjoyed the fact that this audio book gave me a break from reading aloud. My voice gets rather weak at times and this CD provided much needed rest :) These stories are best for ages 10 and up.

Overall, I think Jim Hodges has produced a quality audio book for this story. I am pleased with the thoroughness and quality of not just the audio book but the corresponding study guide as well. The Crew has had an opportunity to review several different G.A. Henty audio books from Jim Hodges Productions, so be sure to click the banner below and fit one that is in the right time period of what you are studying or what peaks your interest.

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Company ~ Jim Hodges Productions

Product ~ With Lee in Virginia

Price ~ MP3 $25.00, $18.00 digital download

Ages ~ 10 and up

Jim Hodges Productions Review
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