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Thursday, April 30, 2015

La La Logic ~ a TOS review

La La Logic Review

Are you teaching older children with a preschooler in the house? Do you need some fun early learning options to keep them occupied while you work with your bigs? Then definitely check out the Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic.

La La Logic Review

La La Logic is more than just a fun sounding name. It’s preschool curriculum that teaches kids to learn through engaging hands-on activities. Using several components including online brain challenges and printable worksheets, the program does not focus on teaching the mechanics of reading and math, but rather it focuses  on the cognitive functions involved in acquiring, understanding, and utilizing knowledge for the math and reading skills needed in the future.


I was able to use this program with McKenzie (5) over the course of the last six weeks. While it is labeled as a “preschool curriculum” it is geared to children aged 3-6 and  is broken down into 100 weeks of learning opportunities that can be completed either 4 or 5 days a week. In both the online and printable activities the coursework get progressively more challenging. Activities are broken down into three categories:

La La Logic Review

Brain Challenge ~ The Brain Challenge is the online portion of the program that includes short games to develop cognitive skills. {This portion is available to be played on PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablets}.

La La Logic Review

Worksheets ~ The printable worksheet strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills. They also cover a wide variety of fine motor skills as your child learns to cut, paste, color.

La La Logic Review

Extension Activities (Enrichment) ~ This section features hands-on, play-based learning that young children crave. Activities include word games, scavenger hunts, solving puzzles, dramatic play, and learning logic games. Several features of Classical Education are included also, such as literature, nature study, poetry memorization, picture study, narration, and copy work. Many of the extension activities can be completed with objects you already have at home.

La La Logic Review

There is a suggested schedule to follow that takes just 10-20 minutes a day with some activities being optional.

Day 1

~ Brain Challenge (with assistance)

~ Extra Practice (optional)

Day 2

~ Enrichment Set

Day 3

~ Brain Challenge (independently)

~ Worksheet

Day 4

~ Enrichment Set

Day 5

~ Brain Challenge *revisit the same challenge from earlier in the week (optional)

~ Family Fun

La La Logic Review

Overall, I really enjoyed this program and so does McKenzie. We received a lifetime membership for the curriculum and I can see us using this program to strengthen her critical thinking skills until she completes the 100 weeks.

The variety of activities make this a great program for early learners. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment of doing “school” like the older siblings. McKenzie was excited to have her computer time, especially since her older sisters are in the midst of finalizing research papers and essays. She guarded her computer time and took it seriously. I look forward to being able to start little Micah on this program as he turns 3 in a few years.

Be sure to check out what my Crewmates thought of this program by clicking the banner below!

La La Logic Review


Company ~ La La Logic

Product ~ Preschool Curriculum

Price ~ $29.00 *one time fee per household

Platform ~ PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablets

Ages ~ 3-6 year olds

La La Logic Review



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