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Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi Grandma!

Look what I can do now!!! I am 10 months old, aren’t I getting so big. I decided that I was going to stand up and make Mommy and sisters run around the house squealing with excitement while I flossed my gums after lunch.  Mommy found her camera just before my legs got too tired, whew!

pulling Saige's tooth June 272010 050

I am still a peanut, weighing in at just over 13 lbs, but I can hold my own around here. I have lots of fun every day hanging out with Mommy and my sisters. I just started table food too, today I had some chicken and mashed taters…I think I like it! 

See my shirt, it says “Lit’l Rampager”, Daddy got it from the command when I was born, I am just now growing into it.  Guess what?!?  Daddy comes home in a few weeks ( I think that’s why Mommy is cleaning and painting so much), we are soooo excited to see him.

Well, it’s time for this Princess to get some beauty sleep. Can’t wait to see you again and show you all my new tricks.

Love you!!!


Masterpiece Monday ~ Georgia O’Keeffe

I admit it…I neglected art a bit during the school year because life happens and things like art get pushed to the back burner.

But no more, I declare!!!   

Masterpiece Monday June2010 007

  Let there be ART!!!

It's fun and my girls are really creative too.

We kicked off our Masterpiece Monday today with the study of Georgia O'Keeffe flowers that I saw over at Pink and Green Mama.  I was going for easy, and this seemed easy to start our first lesson.

First, we studied examples online

Masterpiece Monday June2010 005 

and then I had them draw a picture of a flower on their paper, making sure that each petal touched the edge of the paper.

Next they were to trace over the pencil marks with a black Sharpie, but low and behold we could not find a black Sharpie...anywhere!

Red, Green, Blue.

Got it!



how can this be with my love affair with all things school supplies...

must. buy. Sharpies!

okay, I digress back to the art.

Masterpiece Monday June2010 014

we improvised with a regular black marker, which turned out to work too.

Masterpiece Monday June2010 025

  Masterpiece Monday June2010 007  Masterpiece Monday June2010 030  Masterpiece Monday June2010 027

Masterpiece Monday June2010 029

McKenzie wanted in on the painting action, then decided her books were more interesting.

Masterpiece Monday June2010 013

The end results turned out great and everyone is proud to show off their masterpiece.

Masterpiece Monday June2010 034  Masterpiece Monday June2010 040  Masterpiece Monday June2010 031Masterpiece Monday June2010 033

Looking forward to next Monday!!!

Chat later!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I’m off to catapult the last jet…


That is what I woke up to this morning in my email from the Lt. I promptly wrote back for an explanation.

What do you mean your catapulting the last jet, why are you on the roof??? 

DSC03047Don’t worry babe, I will be alright!   My Sailors asked me to do the
final check of the last aircraft to fly off during Operation Enduring Freedom.

DSC03043A final checker on each side of the jet
starts at the beginning of the nose    

DSC03039walking along side the jet
looking for irregularities all the while the jet is moving into position
on the catapult. 

DSC03046 Once the jet has a thorough look over the final
checkers bend down on one knee and raise one thumb in the air for the
tower to see…

DSC03048and another thumb up for the Sailors operating in the
catwalks on the ship, this indicates the jet is safe for flight.

a matter of seconds the jump goes into afterburner and takes off sending
rumblings of steam and heat unto the final checker.



Now Lt. GET OFF THE ROOF!!! (love you Babe, but it scares me when you are up there)

DSC03037Chat later!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ouch!!!  Cadie bug bites June2010 001 Montana got bitten yesterday by who knows what?!?  We were at the library summer reading program yesterday and she got up in the middle of the magic show to sit by me. She said her ‘squito bites were itchy. I was distracted by the shear volume of children present at this performance(trying to keep an eye on my girls) and didn’t think much of it, until this morning when she woke up with these. She couldn’t have 5 mosquito bites, because we were INside the library!

Cadie bug bites June2010 004Cadie bug bites June2010 008

The doctor says that it might have been ants or some other bug. Now that is just gross!!! All the bigger girls that were sitting on the floor got bitten, thankfully they only have one or two bites and didn’t have a reaction to it like this.

Cadie bug bites June2010 005 She’s a trooper though. The doctor saw us this morning and prescribed some Benadryl and Neosporin for when the bumps pop. She sat on the floor watching Arthur with two of her babies.  She also ate a popsicle because that would make her feel better and we all know how much she loves her daily Otter Pops :-) 

Chat later!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wet Wednesday

It's hot... REALLY HOT!!! 109* with the heat index, H-O-T!!!

So what better way to cool off and kick off summer than with a good old fashion water balloon fight.

I filled the balloons for my girls.

Each of the girls got 10 balloons in their arsenal.

The line was drawn in the street.

Big kids vs. little kids.

Strategy was discussed




When the balloons wer gone they all resorted to throwing buckets of water on each other.

Then they ganged up on Marie and starting chasing her.

Run Marie, RUN!!!

A fun time was had by all for the first water fight of summer. My girls talked about what they would do differently next time inluding haviig more balloons. I may need to start filling up the morning of the fight.

Chat later!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stop what your doing!!!

Now that I've gotten your attention, have you backed up your blog lately? Please nod your head YES in affirmation. If not stop what your doing (after you finish reading this, of course) and go to Erica's blog and follow the directions listed to protect your precious blog.
Chat later!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Prayer

Dear Lord, please watch over my (daddy) father
For he is very special to me.

Bless each day in all that he does.
And let him the wonders of you see,

And bring him home safely, for him I miss,
Then, I can give him a big hug and a kiss.

Happy Father's Day Mike, the trophy says it all.

#1 Dad...Best Dad Ever!!!

RAM on!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tumble Tot

Remember this? This is Montana at 2 years old on Christmas morning 2008. All you really wanted for Christmas from Santa that year was a red gymnastics leo with a Santa penguin on it that you saw at the gymnastic shop. This is your favorite leo and you call it your Santa leo.

Montana talks about this Santa leo


You were still too young at 2 years old to take formal gymnastics lessons, so you did what any inspiring athlete would do.
Practiced at home on the practice beam.

We love to watch you put on mini shows for us on the beam when big sisters practice.
(please excuse the background in the pictures, we were in the process of putting away Christmas decor and packing my husband up to leave for deployment.)

Fast forward to January 2010 after getting settled in VA, Montana was finally able to take lessons at the local gymnastics gym. Wednesday's after lunch is your day for lesssons and you are always ready to go first thing in the morning. It is sometimes hard for you to wait until after lunch because you are so excited.

This past weekend we had your very first Tumble Tot Gymnastics Expo at the gym. She was estatic because she knew it wasn't Wednesday and that meant she got to go to the gym two days that week, just like big sisters!

Here's a couple of shots of you in action:

preparing for the back hip circle

look Mama, one hand!!!

almost vertical on handstand, good job!

watching the big girls

It was so fun watching you shine in the spotlight. You were not afraid at all to perform in front of the crowd. You did your routine and had the best time doing it.

Keep up the good work my little tumble tot!