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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

HomeSchoolPiano ~ a TOS Review

My girl, Montana has always wanted to play the piano. For her 6th birthday she received a full size keyboard from her Auntie and we dabbled here and there with beginner piano books. However, she could not play a lick of music; it was just noise. Imagine my surprise when we were offered a lifetime subscription from HomeSchoolPiano for five students to use and review the HomeSchoolPiano - Complete Set of Books program. Wowzers! Not only could Montana finally learn to play the piano, so could McKenzie and anyone else in the family.
Homeschool Piano Review
HomeSchoolPiano is the brainchild of Willie Mylette who is a graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music. Willie has studied in both New York and Boston and has been featured on over 90 radio stations nationwide.
Homeschool Piano Review
HomeSchoolPiano - Complete Set of Books is perfectly suited for students of all ages. Yes, even the youngest and oldest students including Grandma can get in on this piano action. Each Unit is split up into seven lessons with lessons generally lasting up to ten minutes. Normally, there is practice time following the lessons to master the concepts and for just a little more practice time. Some students may need to repeat a lessons to gain mastery. But you know what, it’s OKAY!
Homeschool Piano Review
Each lesson begins with a screenshot of Willie at a keyboard along with a digital keyboard so that the student can see what keys are being pressed. Willie’s piano lessons help you or your student to become a fully expressive player who is not only comfortable reading music, but creating it too.
I am sure you are thinking you need thousands of dollars of special equipment, right? Nope! You just need a full size keyboard or a piano and a way to access the internet. Instant online access is readily at hand whether you wish to view the lessons on a computer, tablet, or even your phone.
Homeschool Piano Review
The four books are broken down as follows:
CorePiano ~ is for absolute beginners and includes six original songs to practice and play.
Book 1 ~ beginner, may be the student brushing the dust off and coming back to piano after a break.
Book 2 ~ beginner to intermediate. This level starts incorporating more complicated concepts, songs and improvisation ideas.
Book 3 ~ intermediate. Towards the end of this book, students are exposed to concepts like syncopation, voice leading and more advanced scales for improvisation.
Homeschool Piano Review
Each book includes a printable E-book with printable songs. Books are separated into 6 different units and further broken down into different steps including:
  • Technique
  • Rhythm
  • Ear Training
  • Reading Music
  • Song
  • Improvisation
  • Bonus - contains review of concepts learned
So, I am pretty sure you are thinking that all this is going to cost you a pretty penny, right? Nope. Homeschool Piano is actually quite economically priced for all that you get and for the amount of students you may register {remember you get up to 5}.
HomeSchoolPiano has two payment packages with the following pricing:
1. Success Package (One payment of $299) ~ Unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.
2. Payment Plan (Payments of $99.97 per month for three months) ~
Unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.
In our house I used this product with Montana, my 7 year old and my 4 year old McKenzie. We started in the first book, Core Piano. I got so interested in the lessons that I took quite a few turns while showing the girls correct finger placement or proper technique. While I do not have any prior piano playing background it was fun learning right alongside my girls.
Montana was so happy to be able to start formal lessons. She eagerly practiced even when it was not time to play. McKenzie too enjoyed the piano instruction. However, I thought the program moved a bit too fast for her, I was thankful for the rewind and pause features. Montana wants to play songs so she is getting a bit impatient but really enjoyed playing the scales.
Overall, we give HomeSchoolPiano 6 thumbs up! We love it and I could 20140723_084026not have asked for a better program to learn piano. I love that my girls are so interested in wanting to learn because Willie makes it fun. Be sure to check out what my Crewmates thought about HomeSchoolPiano by clicking on the banner below.
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Company ~ HomeSchoolPiano
Price ~ Success Package: One payment of $299 or Payment Plan: 3 payments of $99.97 for 3 months
Ages ~ for use with all ages
Homeschool Piano Review
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