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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

IEW Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts ~ a TOS review

 Fix It! Grammar Review

Today I am exciting to share with you a language arts program from the  Institute for Excellence in Writing {IEW} called Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts {Book 3} and Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts [Book 3] (Teacher Manual) . While you are probably thinking that IEW is more known for their writing curriculum, they have a newly updated complete grammar program as well. Let me tell you a little more about it!

Fix It! Grammar Review

Pamela White who is a certified Accomplished Instructor for IEW is the author of the Fix It! Grammar series. She holds an M.A. in English and A.B.D. from Vanderbilt University and currently teaches online for IEW. Fix It! Grammar was developed by Pamela after she was frustrated with traditional methods of teaching children grammar. It is the newly revised language arts series that teaches the principles of grammar through real stories. The real stories use sentences that contain errors that your student may make in their own writing. The principle of parsing a sentence and finding the errors helps students in the long run learn correct grammar and punctuation.

Fix It! Grammar Review

There are six books in this series written for third grade and up, including:

Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree {book 1}

Fix It! Grammar: Robin Hood {book 2}

* Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts {book 3}

Fix It! Grammar: Little Mermaid {book 4}

Fix It! Grammar: Chanticleer {book 5}

Fix It! Grammar: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight {book 6}

A placement test is available to find the correct starting book for your child, however, IEW recommends that learners start with book 1, regardless of age. I was specifically looking for a grammar supplement for Mikayla when choosing a level for her and we were blessed to be able to receive book 3, Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts after having her take the placement test. The daily vocabulary also attracted me to this product. The student book retails for $15.00, while the teacher’s manual costs $19.00.


Book 3 is for students in grades 6 and up and is the charming story of “The Frog Prince”. The student guide and the Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts {Book 3} Teacher Manual  cover 33 weeks of daily passages to correct, 132 vocabulary words, reproducible student pages, clear and precise teacher’s notes and a grammar glossary. This is an easy to use program that includes daily vocabulary, indenting, capitals, marking and identifying subjects, verbs, and prepositional phrases, sentence openers, clauses, and punctuation errors; divided into 4 parts, learn it, fix it, discuss, copy it.

Learn it ~ explore a new grammar concept.

Fix it ~ find and fix errors within a short passage, four times a week.

Discuss it ~ apply the correct grammar to the passage.

Copy it ~ rewrite the corrected passage within a notebook.


Each week follows the same format with Monday being the day that I teach the weekly concept and demonstrate the correct markings. Monday through Thursday, Mikayla was able to work somewhat independently through the daily passages.


Once she had finished making her revisions I would check them over and we would make any necessary revision together while explaining the errors. She would then proceed to write the completed sentence into her notebook.

This whole process only takes us about 20-25 minutes a day depending on the given day. Is it a challenge for Mikayla? Yes, some days it is, but in a good way! We already use a pretty solid grammar program and IEW’s Fix It! Grammar helps to tie in what she is already learning into a fun story so it doesn't always seem like work. She likes the story aspect of the work and I really like the included Grammar cards. They helpful reminders of the rules of grammar or just a listing of prepositional phrases. She is always eager to move on to the next part to find out what the  next section of the story is about. I think it is a win-win program for us and we will be using it the rest of the school year!


We recommend checking it out if you are looking for a strong, solid grammar language arts program. I have a daughter excited about learning grammar through a story and that makes this Mama happy! It can stand alone and get the job done! Be sure to check out what my Crewmates thought of Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts [Book 3] (Student Book), or any of the other 4 books being reviewed by clicking the banner below.

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Company ~ Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

Product ~

Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts [Book 3] (Teacher Manual)
Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts [Book 3] (Student Book)

Price ~ teacher’s manual, $19.00; student book, $15.00

Ages ~ 6th grade and up

Fix It! Grammar Review





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