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Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 1 ~ back at it

We headed back to school on Wednesday morning. Time seemed to pass so slowly because we were able to get so much done that first day. After breakfast we took our annual Back to School group and individual photos. The outtakes are so funny and we had a good laugh as I was uploading pictures.

 ASBCA 2013-2014 

Once pictures were done we headed into the room and made our time capsule cards. The girls chatted about favorites foods, books, movies, etc. as they colored their pages. When everyone had finished we stored the time capsule cards inside a baggie for safe keeping. We are planning on opening them back up on August 7, 2019. The girls will respectively be 22, 18, 16, 12 & 9.


Even though we are not at 100% full force with all our subjects, I realize that I need to make some changes. Mikayla still has a full week of morning practice until we can switch to evening schedule. By the time she gets home from the gym she needs an hour and a half to unwind and EAT! Putting me starting school with her at 3PM. While this is not impossible, it just makes for a long day of teaching. However, I knew this going in so I am adjusting my attitude towards it and going full steam ahead.

 ASBCA back2school1

I have decided to adjust the requirements for Mikayla for next week, but not my expectations of the work that will be completed. If it means we have to do school on Saturday, which we will be doing tomorrow because we didn’t finish, then so be it. Being a competitive athlete is hard work both in and out of the gym, but school comes first and she understands this. I will hold off adding in Latin & Science for her until the week of the 19th but we are going to go ahead and add in everything else come Monday.

All in all things went well this first week. The girls are making connections from what they have read and my voice seems to be holding up so far from all the reading aloud.  The girls and I are loving Tapestry of Grace and all it has to offer. I overheard Madison, Mikayla & Montana have a discussion over Queen Elizabeth when Montana thought it was THE Queen that is alive today. I was super impressed when they broke it down for her and explained who she was and how James I was King. Yes, I know it is just week one but I truly do think this is the history we were supposed to study. I look forward to sharing all of our weekly wrap ups this year as it is my goal to complete 36 weeks.

Have you started back to school yet? If not, when do you start back up?

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