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Monday, October 28, 2013

Bridgeway Academy: Magic Tree House:Middle Ages Learning Lab ~ a TOS review

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For the past several weeks Montana (7) has been taking a history class from Bridgeway Academy. It's always good to have the opportunity to have interaction with other kids In a classroom setting and this fulfills that need for her.

Join Jack and Annie as we travel back in time to visit with kings, queens, lords and ladies, knights and squires! Learn fascinating facts about the lives of ordinary people during the Middle Ages as we journey through the countryside, towns and cities of medieval Europe. Music, art, literature, science and war are all explored as we explore this fascinating period in history using Knight at Dawn to jumpstart our learning.                                     ~ website

We were truly blessed to be apart of the 8 week Magic Tree House: Middle Ages Learning Lab. Bridgeway Academy's  Learning Labs are weekly virtual co-op classes taught by certified teachers who have a passion for what they teach. Normally classes are 9 weeks long and between 45 minutes to 1 hour each week. Classes are available for $145 per session. Our class was taught by Kathy Thomas and we logged in for class On Monday afternoons from 1-2pm. Quick and easy to complete homework was assigned each week along with a big final project.


Here are some of the topics covered in this class. . .

Overview of the Middle Ages
Life on a Medieval Manor
Life in a Medieval City
Knights and the Crusades
The End of the Middle Ages
Art & Music

Getting set up in the learning lab was quick and easy. You just log on to the website given and it will tell you if you need to make any further enhancements to your system, like a Java update. It is recommended that you have available a pair of headphones with microphone to keep out background noise. However, we had trouble getting our microphone to work simultaneously with the headphones so we chose to go without. I made sure the girls were especially quite when it was time for Montana's class so there was no background noise.

Since Montana was one of the younger kids in the class she had a bit of trouble staying focused on the computer screen. That was no fault of our teacher, Mrs. Thomas, just an attention span/age thing. She was paying attention she just needed to be able to play with something small during her class.



Montana says her favorite part of the class was:
Making the castle! McKenzie (4) and I used a lot of Popsicle sticks. We didn't get to eat Popsicles, my mom bought them from the store. It took a long time to glue each one on. I used my Littlest Pet Shop toys for my King and Queen. I also made a menu for another project and Pig Stew was my special of the day.

I would consider Bridgeway learning Labs again in the future for Montana or any of my girls. It's like going to co-op within your own home. I would however, like to see the age range a little tighter such as 1st-3rd and 4th -5th just because of the varying abilities of the children. However, this would not deter me from signing up if the grade ranges stayed as they are listed.

I definitely think you should check out all the courses Bridgeway has to offer, there is something for everyone! Also be sure to check out what my CrewMates thought of this class and the other ones being reviewed, Marine Biology (Grades 5-8), and Easy Essay (Grades 9-12) by clicking the banner below to read the reviews.


Company ~ Bridgeway Academy

Product ~ Magic Tree House: Middle Ages

Price ~ $145.00 per 9 week session

    Ages ~ grades 1st - 5th

Bridgeway Logo photo bridgewayacademylogo_zps8c2d62cc.jpg

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