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Thursday, November 6, 2014

A is for apples

A Collage

So apparently I missed the memo that Marcy over at Ben and Me was no longer hosting the blogging through the alphabet series. I missed the start of her last installment while I was in the midst of first trimester pregnancy fog, but I was determined to make the new one.

 apples 001

The #abcblogging  baton has been passed to fellow blogger, Kristi at The Potter’s Hand Academy and wouldn’t you know it, yesterday the linky ended for letter A. Sigh! Oh well! I am vowing to still participate, even if a day late. :)

  Pumpkins 005store bought apple on the left / apple fest apple on the right 

So today I want to talk to you about apples. A local church in our area hosts an Apple Fest each year where you can order 7 different varieties of orchard fresh apples. While they are not certified organic they are super delicious and grown without the use of yucky pesticides. We love them! So much so that my girls eat 3-4 apples a day during apple fest season which is always the fourth weekend in October.

Pumpkins 007

Normally, I buy several different varieties of apples including Golden Delicious by the bushel{s} , Winesap and  Fuji by the half bushel, and this year I split a half bushel of Granny Smith with a friend. A bushel of apples is roughly 48 pounds!

  Apple Fest 2011 016

I have made applesauce and apple pies in the past, but we mostly just eat the apples throughout the day. The girls say, I am hungry…I say eat an apple! Well, everyone expect Mikayla who now has an allergy to tree fruit, Poor girl! Yep, she can not eat any fruit that grows on trees, whose flesh is eaten, without them making her throat and lips itchy.  She can still eat applesauce and apple pie so she is somewhat of a happy camper.

Apple Fest 2011 007

Do you have a favorite kind of apple?

I hope you will come back over the next 25 weeks and join me as I blog through the alphabet. I am sure Kristi would love to have a few more people join us as we go through this round of #abcblogging. So be sure to stop on by!





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