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Friday, November 14, 2014

Snake Oil ~ a TOS review

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Whether it's a board game,  card or video games we love playing games at our house! So it should not be a surprise when I tell you I jumped at the chance to have my last review of the 2014 schoolhouse review crew be a game called Snake Oil from Out of the Box Games.


Since 1998 Out of the Box Publishing has created several fun and engaging party, card and board games to enjoy spending time with family and friends. They believe games should be fun and provide a diversion to our daily lives but at the same time bring us together for real entertainment and interaction with the ones we love and care about. All of the games sold by them are games that:

~ can be learned in minutes
~ are colorfully illustrated and fun to play
~ can easily be played in less than an hour
~ are efficiently designed in smart packaging
~ feature dynamic player interaction from start to finish


Snake oil is a hilariously fun game to play and is geared towards ages 10 and up. You need at least 3 player to play or you can have up to 10 players. This game retails for $19.99 and takes about 20-30 minutes to play. Playing the game is easy and fun to do.

First, select one of the players to be the Customer for the first round then the remaining players each take six Word Cards. The Customer then takes a Customer Card from the center of the box and reads it out loud for everyone to hear. The Customer Card tells the Customer which role he or she will take on for the round, whether that be  a babysitter, superhero, Santa, ninja, or any of the other fun choices.

The remaining players then combine two of the Word Cards from their hand of six and create a sales pitch for the Customer in a clockwise direction from the Customer. Players only have 30-40 seconds to convince the Customer and sell their item.
Once everyone has made a pitch, the Customer then picks the best item and awards the player with the Customer Card.
The Word Cards that were previously played are discarded into a pile and the player to the left of the preceding Customer becomes the new Customer. The remaining players then take two Word Cards to bring their hand back up to six, while the original Customer draws six cards.

The game continues to go around until each player has had a turn to be the Customer. The player with the most Customer cards wins the game!

We love playing this game! The girls love it because it is fun to make up sales pitches and to sell their product. I love it because it is forcing them to communicate and use their thinking skills. With word choice cards like Umbrella, Spring, Butter, Prize, etc. you really need to get creative in trying to pitch your product.

Out of the Box Games Review
Overall this is a great game to play with your family and friends!  We give it two thumbs up and definitely recommend you try it out. With the holidays coming up it is always fun to gather around the table and play a good game and this one will not disappoint!

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Company ~ Out of the Box Games
Product ~ Snake Oil
Price ~ $19.99
Ages ~ 10 and up

Out of the Box Games Review




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