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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation ~ a TOS review


I have a real treat to share with you today. It’s a book called Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation penned by Jay Schabacker at Purposeful Design.

Purposeful Design Review

This is a beautiful hardcover book was written by Mr. Schabacker to share God’s creation with all the children of the world. The book reveals the “Purposeful Design” showcasing the personal ways that God created everything in our universe. This book does an excellent job at directing the reader’s attention to the details that the Creator has made in just a few short days.

What I love most about this book are the beautiful,  full-color pictures that each individually capture the beauty of the seven days of biblical creation.


Chapter 1 ~ The First Day: Creation of the Heavens and the Earth {the Foundation of it All} In this chapter you will find discussions on the solar system, the application of the second law of thermodynamics as it applies to the movement of  the planets as well as a little about Albert Einstein.

Chapter 2: The Second Day, Creation of the Atmosphere and Water details the complex rain cycle that could not have happened by accident. This chapter also discusses the fact that 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, and this creates an atmosphere perfect for life.

Chapter 3: The Third Day, Creation of the Dry Land and Vegetation tells about the 258,000 varieties and uses of vegetation as a whole.


Chapter 4: The Fourth Day, Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars explains the “filling” that occurred after the first three days of “preparation”. Including touching on the orderly daily changes in sunrise and sunset times, the phases of the moon, tilt of the earth, and ocean tides, and the seasons and how they are created.

Chapter 5: The Fifth Day, Creation of the Birds and Fish we learn how the birds and fish were created to clean the earth. This chapter touches on the inherent “instinct” that the Creator placed inside of almost all living creatures. 2

The Sixth Day, Creation of Land Creatures and Humans tells the amazing design of the creatures who populate the earth including humans. You learn how each one is perfectly made to survive in its own environment. Several pages are devoted to the amazing design of the human body.

Chapter 7: The Seventh Day is the shortest chapter but reminds the reader of the importance for rest and for giving honor to our Creator.


While the book is useful and meaningful for a range of readers, it is most likely suited for second to sixth graders. However, several of the passages are written on a high school level. The book retails for just $18.95 plus shipping and would make an excellent book to have lying around on your coffee table.

I LOVE this book! Each chapter begins with the scripture reference for each day of creation giving you a visual to go along with the verse. The imagery and photographs are stunning and capture the eye. We had no problem devouring this book and reading through it in one setting as a family. After that I left the book on the fireplace mantle and I found the girls pulling it down to look at during a meal. It was a great time to have discussions and answer questions, especially from my younger girls.

This is a great book to give to anyone looking into doing a study on creation, especially when you add in the free Young Explorer’s Club workbook. This work book is a PDF file that has seven corresponding sections that go with each day and chapter of the book. It includes both open ended and discussion/comprehension questions and also the opportunity to do some really fun hands-on activities. An answer key and certificate of completion is also included in the PDF too.

We wholeheartedly give this book 2 thumbs up and will recommend it to anyone looking to discuss or teach about the seven day creation. It’s no wonder that Purposeful Design has won many awards for this great book including:

image image


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Purposeful Design Review





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