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Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up ~ week one is done


Week one is in the bag, hooray!

PicMonkey Collage wk 1

I was really excited to start the new year on Monday. I crave the routine that school brings to our days. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love summer break and everything that it entails. But I am sort of an introvert {shocking, I know} who likes to stay home. Plus I love re-learning with the girls and we have big plans this year.

wwu wk1

We started our week of with our yearly back to school pictures. This year we took them in the backyard on Sunday afternoon and you can see them here. It was nice to not have to rush on Monday morning for the pictures. Not to mention the fact that I overslept on the first day! Yes, yes I did!


After my momentary freak out, we were able to get down to business after breakfast. The rest of Monday actually went pretty smoothly and we were able to get everything on our schedules done. Which makes this box checking Mama happy!


One thing that I am doing differently this year is to have a weekly planning meeting on Sunday late afternoon/early evening with my three older girls. In years past, only Marie and I had these meetings to plan her week and I would schedule out what Madison & Mikayla would do.


Instead of just buying Marie a planner, I bought three, two for the older girls and an elementary beginners planner for Mikayla. The planning meeting allows me to help the girls become some what independent and take a little bit of ownership to their studies. Marie is pretty solid in her planning. I just make sure that she doesn’t schedule too much on one day.


Next week we will add in writing and Latin as well as start our morning time recitations {MTR} time with everyday frequency. This week I also learned that I will need to read all of Core G to Mikayla. I was hoping to have her read at least the reader and Kingfisher history portion of the day but it is proving to be a little bit overwhelming for her. So I am going to to start reading everything but the Kingfisher History to her and gradually towards the end of the year transition her to more and more reading responsibility. I am also looking forward to starting a lapbook with Montana on Charlotte’s Web.


McKenzie and Micah did really well this week. Initially, I was only going to school McKenzie 4 days a week but she is such an eager learner she requested something to do today too. I tasked her to use her touch math cards and teach Micah his numbers, which she loved doing and he equally loved looking at her. Micah also spent a lot of time laying on his new plush blanket being played with or just napping away. As long as he can see me he is good to go, so I spent a lot of time on the floor near him.


Well, that’s our week in a nutshell! Have you started back to school yet? If so, how did your week go? Next week on Monday I am going to share about a day in our life with the Not Back to Homeschool Blog Hop. I hope you will come back to read about it. I also will be sharing interviews that I did for the girls. So I hope you will join me.


Weekly Wrap-Up


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