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Thursday, August 14, 2014

We Draw Animals

Do your kids like to draw? Mine do and they are quite creative, which I am sure they get from their dad because all of my drawings consist of stick figures.  Montana is always asking me how to draw this animal or that animal and I am clueless.


Recently, Kathy from We Draw Animals asked me to take a look at the drawing tutorials she has on her site. Wowzers! She has a whole bunch of animals to learn to draw from sharks to dinosaurs to amphibians to big cats, Montana's favorite. Be sure to check out her FREE eBook that you can download. The eBook includes high resolution drawing tutorials to 100 animals that will keep your children busy for some time.


I am so glad Kathy contacted me and shared her work. Now when Montana or one of my other girls says how do you draw  a ---, I will turn to the eBook and website for help. Be sure to get your eBook copy and happy drawing!

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