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Friday, August 22, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ August 22

1 ~ McKenzie turns 5 in just six short days. I don’t think I am fully ready for that, but she is!

2 ~ Montana started fall ball yesterday. It turns out that there are 3 other homeschooling families on the team. YAY!

3 ~ The mosquitos ate me alive at the ball field.

4 ~ Carpool for the gym starts again on Tuesday, whohoo! Really excited about that since it works out that I will be driving more at drop off than pick up so I hope to get the littles in bed at a decent hour.

5 ~ I have been making sure to go to bed and lights out by 10PM the last two nights, I wake up so refreshed even before the 5AM alarm.

That’s my randomness for the night. Have you linked up with Miranda at The Pebble Pond?

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