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Friday, June 27, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ June 27th

It’s Friday and that means it is time for some random thoughts. This is my first Random 5 on Friday post hosted by Miranda over at The Pebble Pond. So here I go…


1. We drove to Michigan this pass weekend and dropped off Marie to her pre-college scholarship program. It was bittersweet leaving her there.          {I didn’t cry though}


2. Traveling with a 1 month old is an adventure in and of itself. It took us 15 hours, 44 minutes, 48 seconds, and 5 milliseconds to drive home on Monday according to Madison’s iPod timer.


{we had to stop 30 minutes from our house, this little guy was done sitting in his carseat}.

3. McKenzie has been playing Wheel of Fortune on the Wii lately. She loves to spin the wheel and guess letters. I make sure she says the letter before pressing it so that I know she is actually recognizing the letter correctly.


4. Like most other homeschooling moms I am in the midst of planning our 6th year of school. That involves lots of praying and re-reading books like The Well Trained Mind.


5. I am not a huge fan of grocery shopping, but since we have to eat I am trying to get back into being frugal. I seem to have lost my frugal mojo while I was pregnant. Do you have any tips besides using coupons?

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