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Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Days of Raising a Competitive athlete

competathletics-1 Hi there! If you are new to my blog, Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Have you ever wondered what it is like to raise a competitive athlete?  Well, this week I am blogging about what life is like in our family raising competitive gymnasts and a competitive cheerleader. We currently have 2 Level 5 gymnasts (training this summer for a spot on the Level 7 team), a Hot Shot (trying out for Level 4 team this Saturday), a Level 4/5 cheerleader, and tumble bunny who just loves to be in the gym.

While it is not always easy and I am convinced some of our  family and friends think we are crazy :-0 because of the level of commitment required on our part as well as the girls, it is totally worth it…for us! This past weekend we had the chance to see some of the USA’s top Level 10 gymnasts compete for the National title and the chance to make the Jr. National team. It JO Nationalswas an amazing experience! We were able to see first hand the dedication these girls have to make it to the top.  I had the opportunity to be a beam timer, and I tell you these girls have muscles in their toes! They were performing skills effortlessly on the 4 inch piece of wood that had me in awe. We were able to see famous coaches and past Olympic gymnasts, including Mr. Chow who coaches Shawn Johnson and Gabrielle Douglas, former Olympians Kim Zmeskal and the Lt. got to meet and take a picture with Mary Lou Retton, how cool is that!!!!

 Mike and Mary Lou***sorry the watermark is right across Mary Lou’s face, but I did not want her cropped out*** 

So, this week I  hope you will come along and find out what it takes for this family to raise a competitive athlete. Tuesday I plan on telling you just how I schedule our day around training schedules. My Crewmates have awesome topics too, so I hope you will click on the banner below and read some of their 5 days.

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