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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday school

It's all in the details with my girls. They love to draw, color, and craft so I decided what better way to get them to retain a bit more of their lessons than to do some note booking with our History and Reading lessons. We had another busy week this week and we didn't get to finish all of our lessons on Thursday or Friday so we did a bit of Saturday School today. The girls didn't mind so we just rolled with it. Marie had finished her lessons before we even started, she is such a go-getter, I love it! Madison and Mikayla and I didn't even start until after 10AM, because I needed to sleep. I haven't been sleeping good lately, it will get better, Mike's only been gone for 2 weeks. Hopefully by the end of February I will be able to sleep the whole night through, hopefully.

Okay, so I digress. In history we are learning about the Pyramids and Pharaohs of Egypt and what life was like. Madison and Mikayla are doing Sonlight Core 1 together this year and we are using The Usborne Time Traveler book
The girls have to write a minimum of two sentences to demonstrate understanding of the story we read. They have been doing very well with this format. Retention has been a lot better, especially with Mikayla. Marie is also doing the same thing with her History lessons on the Story of the World.

After the sentences have been written the drawing begins. The girls spent a lot of time drawing today. Really getting detailed in the pictures. Which I love. I let Mikayla write phonetically and have Madison look words up in the dictionary that she may have trouble with. Mikayla's writing and spelling is getting a lot better too. She is working hard at sounding out and she is remembering grammar rules too. All in all it is a win-win for our home school.


  1. Thanks, yes, they all like to draw. I don't know where they get it from.

  2. Hats off to you my friend for keeping up with 5 of 'em. The girls are adorable. We really should have done Saturday school this week, we're a little behind. Hope you're enjoying a blessed Sunday

  3. You're doing a great job - great artists and really fine penmanship!

  4. we often have saturday school. it just works well for us, especially if david is home on monday rather than saturday.

    we used sonlight for cores k and 1... and loved it! such great memories. glad you are using it too!