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Thursday, January 7, 2010

1st cereal

McKenzie had her first taste of rice cereal, she likes it! I pray her little tummy digests it well without any problems or obstructions once the food gets a bit thicker and we move on to solids. She was sooo hungry when we got home from grocery shopping. I am thinking of trying to make my own baby food, anyone have any tips for me?
I have a picture of Mikayla that looks just like this, I need to go dig through the photos (before I had a digital I had a film Rebel). When I find it I will post it too. McKenzie is a chameleon, she looks like each of her sisters at different times.
Chat later!


  1. Fun picture. I think food face babies are so cute.

  2. i would reccomed tow things to help make baby food. 1 hand help food blender i can show you mine when you coem to visit . and/or a small chopper i got from tupperware which i can show you mine also. I did not make all my baby food i tried it alittle but i will when we adopt. i do make purees from time to tiem which is about the same thing. ( sorry for my spelling errors i am on my way to bed.) goonight

  3. Aw, what a cutie! I have no tips - my boys are 16 & 14 and I can't remember that far back. Ha! Ha! Ha!