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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

50 things about me

I thought I would share a little about me. :D

1. I love the Lord.

2. I love Mike.

3. I love my girls, R,S,T,C,& F.

4. My middle name is Marie, just like my oldest daughter and my mother.

5. Diet Pepsi lover.

6. 1st year homeschool teacher

7. Navy brat

8. Navy spouse

9. My favorite color is blue, any shade

10. I am a night owl.

11. Reading the Bible in 90 days

12. I love Japanese, Chinese, and Italian food.

13. Hate spiders and creepy crawly things

14. Love to cook/bake for others.

15. I was born in Texas.

16. My favorite season is fall.

17. Married for 12 years

18. Got a speeding ticket while in labor with Mikayla, and had to go to court, judge dropped case.

19. Had my gallbladder removed in 2003

20. Love everything about CO, even though I haven't been. Go Broncos!!!

21. Favorite number is 5

22. Had back spasms when I was in 8th grade Halloween night

23. Love Target

24. Took ballet lessons as a child, didn't like it.

25. Love the smell of bread baking

26. Visual learner

27. I wanted to be a truck driver as a little girl.

28. Changed to pediatric surgeon around 10 yrs old.

29. Happily a SAHM

30. I had 5 c-sections {97,00,03,06,09}

31. Have my associates degree.

32. Going back to school to finish my bachelors degree this year.

33. One brother

34. One sister

35. Jesus is my Rock

36. Favorite candy is Skittles, yum

37. I love to read.

38. Have spgaghetti for dinner on my birthday every year

39. Love my hair, most of the time.

40. Doing a Biggest Loser challenge with hubby

41. I have lived in Texas, California, Rhode Island, Washington State, & Virginia

42. I always wanted to drive a minivan as a child, now I do :-D

43. I don't drink or smoke, never have

44. I only eat cheese on pizza and lasagna

45. I have eating issues.

46. Can write on a steno machine at 90 wpm with 98% accuracy

47. Shy at times

48. Eat an apple a day

49. Met my husband on a blind date

50. I'm a list maker.


  1. Well NICE to meet you! We have a lot in common!

    I have 100 things list on my About page!

  2. I'm an Army brat whose had her gall bladder out, makes lists, loves to read, needs to read the Bible through, loves to bake for others and loves the Lord. We have a lot in common.

    Nice to get know more about you.

  3. YAY for blind dates! I'm also a visual learner!

  4. Hi!! I just stumbled upon your blog {where from...I cant remember} and just wanted to say that I love the 50 things about you post. So fun!!

    Your family is precious and your girls are beautiful!!

    I will definitely be back to visit and look forward to reading more of your posts!!

  5. What a great list. Was it easy to do or did you draw blanks every once in a while??