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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

365~006 A trip to the ER

If I never have to spend another minute in the ER, I will be grateful. Yesterday started out as a normal day. We got up and headed out to our girl scout co-op, TEACHS. All the girls were excited to go back and see their friends since we had the whole month of December off. Some of the girls started performing gymnastic tricks. Mikayla, (my flexible Gumby girl) did a couple of back walkovers, no problem. She has been doing that since she was 4 yrs old and can do them up and down the floor at practice. No problem. WRONG!!! When she did another one her feet slipped from under her and she landed on her head with a big thud, ouch!!! She didn't blackout or vomit, thank goodness, but she did get all woozy and disoriented so off to the ER we went. Marie, Madison, & Montana stayed at TEACHS , Thanks Jen and Cheryl!!!

Okay apparently I am a bit naive, and I am okay with that. But never in my life have I been to an ER where you had to walk through a metal detector before. I guess we were a bit sheltered up in our part of WA. I fumbled to get my keys and my Blackberry out of my pocket, while still supporting Mikayla and holding McKenzies car seat. The Blackberry was not so hit the floor hard. I'm okay with it, the scratches give it character, right? Okay, back to the story. We walked through the detector and I beeped. What!?! Back through again, I beeped. C'mon security man I don't have a gun or anything but a woozy child and an infant. He let me through to my next obstacle, the front desk receptionists. Apparently because of H1N1 Swine Flu VA hospitals have closed the hospitals to everyone but patients and those over 18. The receptionist loudly said, you can't have the baby in here. What am I supposed to leave her outside, in the 32 degree weather? Did I mention we were in a completely different city. She gave me my options while Mikayla swayed ever so gently at my side; 1. call someone to come get McKenzie or 2. cover her with a blanket. I chose #2 without any hesitation and silently thanked the Lord that I had covered her with a blanket under her car seat bunting that morning. I gave Mikayla's story and filled out the endless forms and handed over my military ID card because it's easier than carrying 6 different cards and it has the same info on it, all the while the other receptionist admired my ID card photo instead of making a copy of it. Trust me I don't think my photo is all that pretty. All of this being played out with ER waiting room with onlookers, yeah, did I mention I am a bit shy and don't like too much attention.

We finally were sentenced to sit and wait to be called for triage and a room. McKenzie was not a happy camper being covered up with a blanket, she wanted to see what was going on even though it was her nap time. So I rocked her car seat, kept Mikayla's sleeping head propped up on my shoulder, quietly chatted on the phone with my Aunt Janice to get the word out to Grandma, some ER people are noisy and were listening to my conversation like I was talking to them, sent messenger updates to Jen, and emailed Auntie Joyce at work. An hour and a half later the triage nurse called out "Cathy" and I knew it was our turn, even though our last name is not Cathy, we get that and Cassey all the time. Mikayla was weighed and temp taken and then we were taken to an exam room. She gained 1/2 pound up to 48 lbs, or it could have just been Montana's big fluffy coat she was wearing. But hey we'll take it! By that time MckKenzie had awaken so I removed the blanket while we were in the exam room. The nurse questioned Mikayla as to what happened, she was silent. I gave the story again. The nurse asked Mikayla where she was, silent. She asked again, silent. My heart starts racing because now I am convinced she has brain damage because she doesn't know where she is. Finally she speaks up, I guess she just didn't feel like talking at that point. McKenzie wants out of the car seat and wants to nurse. Once she had her fill she proceeded to move her bowels and vomit at the same time nonetheless. Mikayla was content in the exam chair watching TV as I wiped off my pants. Why is it that babies know just where to hit you with spit up. Right in the middle of my legs, so I looked like I peed on myself. Fun!

Doctor came in quickly and checked Mikayla out. Prognosis, minor head trauma, take it easy for 24 hours. We were on our way out the door by 350pm and headed back to co-op to get the girls.
Whew, what a day. Not the most exciting way to spend the afternoon, but at least my girly is safe and feeling better. She was jumping rope by dinner time...against Dr's orders and mother's orders. Funny thing is she felt a bit dizzy again at the mention of dishes that needed to be put away.

The picture was taken with my cellphone camera. Do you all bring your camera with you everywhere?

Chat later!


  1. Oh, you poor girls - that had to be terrible! Glad it's over and she's ok!

  2. I just realized that this was such a long post, thank you for reading through it all and leaving a comment. All is well now!!!

  3. Awww... you poor things! Sounds like you had a very rough day! I hope tomorrow and the rest of your week is better. :o)

    Big hugs! P.S. I did the 50 things about me over on my blog - go check it out - I gave you the credit! :o)

  4. Oh my! You poor thing :( I'm so glad that your daughter is okay though.

    And, yes, I do keep my camera pretty much with me at all times.

  5. Oh dear! What a trooper you ALL were! Glad she is better and OH SO FUNNY about the dizziness recurring when the chores are mentioned ~

    Yes, I am getting better at taking my camera or at least phone camera EVERYWHERE!

  6. Okay...I have only {known} you since today, but I truly think we may possibly be twins!!! This sounds so much like something that would happen to me. I must also say that I too have never had the honor of going through the metal detector at a HOSPITAL!! Scary times we live in girl.

    Im so glad all is well and that Mikayla is better already!!

    Have a great night!

  7. Eventful day - my Mom said it's when you walk into the ER and they say, "Hello Mrs x which one" that you know you've been too often. Hope that Mikayla is feeling better today after a good nights sleep.

    Phone cameras, regular cameras... yep it is odd not to have one these days.

  8. Sorry Jacqueline - I meant to say that I was posting the 50 things about me today - not last night - duh! HA! Have a great day my friend! :o)

  9. Sorry you had to go through all that process...that's crazy about what you had to do with the baby! And no, I don't always bring my camera with's just too big and iPhone camera takes lots of pictures and thankfully my husband has one he takes pictures of the kids if he takes them somewhere :)

  10. That is just absolutely crazy! I have never heard of all that trouble to go to the ER. Glad to hear she is well and that she was back up and going again by evening.