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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Cat of Bubastes from Heirloom Audio Productions ~ a TOS review

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

It was like Christmas came early when our newest audio drama, The Cat of Bubastes, from Heirloom Audio Productions arrived in our mailbox! Montana eagerly grabbed it up and plopped it right into the CD player to listen to it while completing her schoolwork.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

Having reviewed several of the other titles from Heirloom Audio we are quite familiar with the outstanding Christian radio theater they produce. Let me tell you a little more about The Cat of Bubastes.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

Be prepared to be transported back into the time of Ancient Egypt right into a thrilling story of responsibility, perseverance, and God’s providence with this 2 disc set. Much like the rest of the audio theatres produced by Heirloom Audio, The Cat of Bubastes is also based on the G.A. Henty novel bearing the same name. It tells the story of a young prince, Amuba and his faithful friend, Jethro. Amuba and Jethro find themselves captured by the Egyptians and enslaved in the beautiful city of Thebes. All of a sudden the two find themselves trapped in a murderous plot to attack the Egyptian family they serve and consider as friends. They must flee the city but will they survive? Where will they go? Their loyalty and character is tested and they soon learn of the wonder of God’s providence. There is even a surprise character who appears in the story, Moses!

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

Our package from Heirloom Audio included the 2CD set with access to an account that included a bunch of downloads in PDF and MP3 format. This is the same options you would have if you were to purchase the Family Four-Pack.
 ~ Official Soundtrack 
~ eBook of G.A. Henty’s original book with full color graphics 
~ MP3s of the production
 ~ Promotional poster that shows the cast and cover of the CD case
 ~ Inspirational poster with 1 Chronicles 17:20 
~ Complete study guide and discussion starter set 
~ Live the Adventure E-Newsletter
 ~ Behind the scenes documentary

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

The Study guide is a full color eBook with learning guides to help tie in the story as a whole. It includes sections for comprehension, vocabulary, and Biblical references to scripture as well. There are several purchasing options. You can order directly from Heirloom Audio Productions including:

 • $19.97 for an audio MP3 download that gives you instant access and includes bonuses like the Study Guide and printable copy of the inspirational quote from the centurion Julius.
 • $29.97 plus $6.95 shipping gets you the two CD set plus the two bonuses above and the MP3 soundtrack download
 • $99.97 plus $9.95 shipping gets you the Family Four Pack this gets you 4 CD sets, all of the bonuses mentioned above, plus 5 additional bonuses:
Unlimited access to the Live the Adventure Letter, The Cat of Bubastes eBook, printable poster with the star-studded cast, behind the scenes documentary.

All of the prices listed below come with a 90 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

So, what’s the bottom line?! We love this CD! I love that the Henty stories from Heirloom Audio Productions not only entertain and educate the listener, but they always point back to Christ. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to any and all looking to add a bit of family friendly audio / radio drama into the homes.

Be sure to check out what my CrewMates think of this product by clicking the banner below.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

Format ~ physical 2 CD set 
Price ~ see above for prices 
Ages ~ 6 years and up
Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

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