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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grapevine Studies: The Resurrection ~ a TOS review

Remember last November when I shared with you our new found love of stick figuring through the Bible with the help of Grapevine Studies? And how I wanted to prepare our hearts for the fast approaching Easter celebration by studying The Resurrection. Well, hooray, we were selected to review this very same study and have been using it for the past 6 weeks.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

Grapevine Studies has developed one of the leading Bible study curriculum's to grow disciples for Christ. Children use their very own Bibles and study Biblical lessons on their level through a multi-sensory approach that includes hearings, seeing, and drawing. One of the great features is that this curriculum does not promote any one specific faith or religious practice, it just teaches the Word of God so that it works for all denominations.
Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}
We received eBooks of The Resurrection Studies Beginner and The Resurrection Studies Multi-Level Student Workbook, Teachers Manual, and Traceable Pages. This study takes you on a journey through the Last Supper and you will begin to see how all of the events of that night lead to Jesus being tried, beaten, crucified, and then gloriously rising again on the third day. With 40 daily lessons  that take 15-20 minutes or 11 weekly lessons that will take about 40-55 minutes per week, this is the perfect study to combine with Lent to prepare your hearts for the Easter celebration.

The Teachers Manual is necessary to complete this study so be sure to order both the teacher manual and student book. It includes the lesson notes, timeline and stick figure drawings, maps, memory verses, review questions and answers, along with lesson key points.

The Student Books also includes lesson notes, stick figure and timeline drawings, memory verses, reviews, and maps.

Each lesson study topic includes a complete timeline for the entire story you are learning and includes several pages to correspond to the verses, including the memory verses, you are learning about. My children are very hands-on, visual learners so the timeline helped them see the events of history better. The traceable pages are perfect for the young learners, like my toddler, and my Kindergartener who wants to be involved in Bible study or any school time. Each teacher lesson plan is followed up with a set of review questions that are perfect to check for comprehension and retention for students and Mom’s alike.

There are a few supplies needed to complete this study including:
Student list:
~ Bible
~ Student or Traceable Book
~ colored pencils or crayons
Teacher list:
~ Bible
~ Teacher Manual
~ dry erase board & set of 8 colored markers
~ Bible dictionary

I used this children’s Bible study curriculum with my youngest two daughters, aged 9 and 6 years old, during this review period. My 22 month old toddler son loved being in the mix too and drawing on the traceable pages. I love how simple stick figures have helped them see the whole big picture of Jesus’s death and Resurrection. This Bible curriculum is so versatile and I love how it fits into our classical style of learning, especially for my visual and artistic learners.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

We are not quite done with our study but my girls are getting so excited for Easter. A local church that we pass every day puts up a display of Jesus’s tomb and two Roman guards on Palm Sunday and on Easter morning the stone is rolled away.

This display has so much more meaning to them now that we have had this in-depth study. The girls are eagerly awaiting the display to be put up, and more so for the stone to be rolled away Easter morning.

Overall, we have enjoyed this product and will continue our stick figuring through the Bible with other titles after this one. We wholeheartedly recommend you check out all of the Grapevine Studies. If you are not too sure about where to start, be sure to check out this graphic chart below. It will give you an idea and overview of what the company offers.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

Be sure to check out what my CrewMates thought of The Resurrection and the other two products being reviewed, New Testament 1: Beginner John to the Apostles and New Testament 1: Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {levels 1-4} by clicking the banner below.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

Ages ~ Pre-K and up

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}
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