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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

CursiveLogic ~ a TOS review


Learning to write and read cursive writing is an important skill to have. Not only because it enables you to be able to sign your name, but also because it looks professional and most historical documents are written in cursive.

Over the last six weeks we have had the opportunity to review a cursive writing program called CursiveLogic Workbook from CursiveLogic. Let me tell you a little about it.

The CursiveLogic workbook is a 97 page spiral workbook that teaches cursive in an unique, logical way. The program emphasizes the following 5 steps to teaching anyone, young and old, to learn the valuable skill of writing in cursive.


Letters grouped by shape ~ Four basic shapes make up the entire alphabet. CursiveLogic teaches all of the similar letters into one lesson, making learning the letters a simple process.

Letter strings ~ Rather than teaching letters individually, CursiveLogic teaches all of the letters that share a common shape in a connected string. This allows the letters to reinforce each other and it means that students are writing cursive right from the beginning.

Color coding ~ Each letter string has a color theme that helps students remember the particular shape.


Catch phrases ~ CursiveLogic uses “verbal task analysis,” or saying an action verbally as it is performed manually. This helps to aide the development of muscle memory and give students a mnemonic they can repeat over and over.


Real words ~ Since CursiveLogic teaches a group of letters in a single lesson, students start writing real words at the end of the first lesson.  A huge motivator for struggling or reluctant students.


I have three students who write in cursive and Montana is working her way there to full time cursive writing. It was great to review the letter writing process with her and this program. Not only did the the “process” make more sense to her, but her writing improved as she gained confidence! That makes this Mama happy!

I would recommend this cursive writing program for anyone looking to learn how to write in cursive. It’s simple and to the point and gives great motivation throughout. I love that the student starts writing words right from the beginning.

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CursiveLogic Review

Company ~ CursiveLogic

Product ~ CursiveLogic Workbook

Price ~ $29.00

Ages ~ 7 through adult





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