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Friday, July 10, 2015

2015-2016 Plan of Study ~ 3rd, K & Tot School

ASB Back To School
Welcome back! Today I want to outline what our plan of study is for my Grammar stage girls. We are going to be switching back to a four day school week for Montana and McKenzie to give me that extra day to really focus with Mikayla and Madison on Thursdays. Now, they will have little things to do to keep learning, but it won’t be super structured that day.
They are both looking forward to having a weekly play date with their friend, Miss H., while I teach General Science. I am looking forward to also returning to our year around schedule of 6 weeks on / 1 week off. It will give me time to recharge my batteries so to speak.
Montana is moving full steam ahead into 3rd grade. She is excited and looking forward to being a third grader, mostly because she now enjoys reading for fun. She is also excited to start learning American History. It is my favorite history time period and since we live on the East coast, I look forward to taking many fieldtrips to historical sites over the next two years. Montana’s reading is starting to take off and that makes this Mama happy since she struggled in the beginning.
~ Sonlight Bible Core D {part of MTR – morning time recitation}
Language Arts
Rod & Staff Grammar 3
~ Rod & Staff Spelling 4
A Reason for Writing, C
~ IEW Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization {MTR}
~ Memoria Press Recitation {MTR}
~ Copywork, selected pieces from American History Through Copywork and Dictation
Sonlight’s Readers 3
~Reading lists
~ Saxon Math 3
Simply Charlotte Mason Your Business Math Pet Store
~ Tapestry of Grace, Yr 3 {LG}
~ USA Geography and US President study
~ Elemental Science Chemistry for Grammar Stage
~ listening to classical music
~Art projects for Kids
~ Softball: Fall and Spring ball
~ Girl Scout Brownie
My baby girl McKenzie is officially going into Kindergarten! We opted her out of Kindergarten last year because her birthday is very close to the cutoff date. However, she did do Kindergarten level work and learned to read, YES! This year she will officially be a Kindergartener for School Board records.
This year I want to focus on her reading and phonics. We found out a few weeks ago that she could not see, hence the struggle I had getting her to read without complaining. She will do math, but with reading it was like pulling teeth midway through a lesson. Now she is the proud owner of not one, but two new pairs of glasses. However, the novelty of wearing glasses wore off within a few days Smile
~ Sonlight Bible A {MTR}
Language Arts
~ Memoria Press K recitations {MTR}
~ IEW Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization {MTR}
~ Explode the Code, books 1 & 2
~ A Reason for Writing, Book A
~ Sonlight Readers 1
~ Memoria Press First Start Reading with Classical Phonics
~ Ready 2 Read, Level 2
~ Reading list – reading good books working her way up to 30 minutes independently.
~ Saxon 1
~ CTC Math
~ listening to classical music
~Art projects for Kids
~ Pre-Team gymnastics, 5 hours/ week plus 2 hrs of Pre-TOPs
~Girl Scout Daisy
Micah is the perfect age to start Tot School now. He is so inquisitive and eager to learn and play. I am going to keep things simple, yet fun for him this year. I especially would like to work on getting him on a better napping schedule so that will be apart of his learning too.
~ Tot School
~ Flowering Baby – One to Two Years
So, that’s it! Our 2015-2016 choices are ready to go and we are ready to begin in the next few weeks. Be sure to check out what my older girls are doing for 9th & 7th grade too. I will be linking a central post up with our complete plan of study next week with the Not Back To School Blog Hop hosted by iHomeschool Network.
It’s going to be a great year!
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