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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms ~ a TOS review

Flourish Book Review
Are you a busy mom who struggles with time management, prioritizing and accomplishing goals? I am so glad to share a special book review with you from Apologia Educational Ministries called Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms written by Mary Jo Tate that will show you how to flourish instead of flounder in your day to day activities.
Flourish Book Review
When most people hear Apologia’s name mentioned they immediately think of their award winning science programs. But did you know that they also offer an excellent array of books to encourage homeschoolers as well? The new book, Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms offers moms practical, real-life tips to get your family life back in balance.
Flourish Book ReviewMary Jo Tate is a homeschooling mom and also a small business owner. She has been schooling her four boys at home since 1997. In addition to teaching her own boys she also teaches high school literature at a homeschool co-op. You can find her blogging at
Now just because the title say Homeschool Moms, don’t for a minute think this book is only for a selective group. It’s not! This book is written for all kinds of moms from the stay-at-home moms to the working moms, and even the single moms out there. With this book you can evaluate how you are spending your time throughout the day and help you set goals and deal with life’s many interruptions. Helping you, the Mom find balance in your everyday interactions and to start enjoying the journey you are on is the overall message of this book.
“We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery.”
~ H.G. Wells {pg.69}
Flourish is economically priced and can fit in just about everybody's budget at just $15.00. With 16 chapters and includes several appendices full of planning forms and tools.
  1. An Invitation to Flourish
  2. Change Your Mind to Change Your Time
  3. The FREEDOM Toolbox
  4. Where Did My Time Go?
  5. Aim High: Setting Goals
  6. What Do I Do Next? Seven Essential Planning Tools
  7. We Interrupt This Program
  8. It's Time for an Attitude Adjustment
  9. Oxygen Masks and Monkey Bread Days
  10. Training Your Children
  11. Making Memories
  12. Managing Your Home
  13. All of Life is Learning
  14. Solo Act: Flourishing as a Single Mom
  15. Home Business
  16. Moving Ahead
I received a physical copy of this book in the nick of time. Normally, I am up to date and on track with everything it takes to run our little family. However, after having Micah, I have struggled a bit to find the balance of doing everything I had before plus caring for a new baby. This book has helped me see that it’s all in the timing and planning. I am a list maker. In all truth, I like to make lists for my lists. The biggest thing I learned is that it’s okay if I don’t get it all done.
“Organized people don’t trust their memory – they trust their lists.” {pg.86}
~ Eileen Roth : Organizing for Dummies
Overall, I feel this book is a great read for any mom out there, regardless of whether or not your homeschool. I would recommend this book to any mother who is feeling exhausted, overloaded, or on the brink of burnout if they homeschool. The valuable information presented in this book will help every mom stop the juggling act and find the perfect balance needed in their life. Apologia has done it again with this book so be sure to check out what my fellow Crewmates thought of this book by clicking the banner below and read 99 other viewpoints.
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Price ~ $15.00
Ages ~ For Moms
Flourish Book Review
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