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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014–2015 Plan of Study

It’s that time of the year again. When homeschool moms start planning and researching curriculum for the upcoming school year. I am proud to say we are heading into our sixth year and we will graduate our first daughter, Marie, next spring.
These past few years have taught me so much about my children and how they learn. Yes, we have had our ups and downs as we have found which curriculum works for us, but that is the beauty of homeschooling. Finding what works for your individual student or your family as a whole.
pos 2014-2015
As we travel along on this Classical educational journey I am truly amazed by my children each and every day. The best part is that I get to {re}learn right along with them!
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Rhetoric Stage: Marie ~ 12th
*Marie has decided to major in a BA in Computer Science and minor in studio art {graphic design}, so we have added pre-calculus to her studies in preparation for college.
Bible History, 1 cr          
~ Sonlight Bible and Worldview 510 
British Literature, 1cr
~ Survey of British Literature 530                                     
History and Geography, 2cr                   
~ Sonlight World History and Worldview 520                         
~ US Government: A Noble Experiment                           
Math, 1 cr
~ Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calculus
Psychology, 1 cr *AP exam in May                                  
Home Ec, .5 cr (1st semester) ~ Christian Light Press Home Economics I, books 6-10         
PE, .5 cr
~ PiYo, 3X's a week Total: 7 credits
Logic Stage: Madison & Mikayla
Madison ~ 8th grade
* Madison desires to go into a Science field, Astrophysics, so she will start accumulating high school credit this year .
~ Sonlight Biblical Studies 110
~ The Picture Smart Bible
~Westminster Shorter Catechism, questions 1-36    
~ Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs
Language Arts
~ Rod & Staff 8: Preparing for Usefulness
~ Writing With Skill, Level 2 
~ Wordlists Spelling / Vocabulary, Lists 1-18 {each list of 25 words will be spread over a two week period}                           
~ Sonlight Literature 130    
Math, 1 cr.           
~ Chalk Dust Algebra 1    
History/Geography, 1 cr
~ Sonlight 120 ~ American History In-Depth
Science, 1 cr
~ Apologia Physical Science with Red Wagon Tutorials
~ Fallacy Detectives
Foreign Language, 1 cr  *National Latin Exam         
~ Latin Alive, Book 1
Art / Composer Study
~ Composer study (2 X’s a month)
~ Tennis team {Spring}
Total: 4 credits
Mikayla ~ 6th grade
~ Sonlight Core G Bible                                              
~ The Picture Smart Bible
~ Westminster Shorter Catechism, questions 1-36                              
~ Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs
Language Arts
~ Rod & Staff 6: Progressing with Courage     
~ WriteShop, Book E
~ Rod & Staff Spelling 7
Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts   *review coming late Sept.               
~ Sonlight Readers G / Read Alouds G                             
~ Unjournaling
~ Saxon 7/6                                                      
~ Sonlight Core G: World History, part 1
~ Elemental Science Classic: Earth Science for the Logic Stage
~ BrainBogglers
~ Detective Club Mysteries
Foreign Language
~ Latin for Children A / Latin for Children B
Memory Work / Composer Study
~ Foundations memory
~ Composer study (2 X’s a month)                                                         
~Level 8/9 competitive gymnastics team {26+ hours per week}

Grammar Stage: Montana & McKenzie
Montana ~ 2nd
~ Sonlight Core B                                      
~ Buck Denver asks… What’s in the Bible? DVDs & Coloring Book   
~ Westminster Shorter Catechism,questions 1-36
~ Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs
Language Arts / Phonics
~ Rod & Staff 2: Preparing to Build     
~ WriteShop, Book B
~ Rod & Staff Spelling 2/3                     
~ Sonlight Readers 2 *minus LA / Read Alouds B                  
~A Reason For Handwritting, Level T  
~ Explode the Code, books 4,5,6
~Saxon 2 / 3                   
Sonlight Core B: Intro to World History, part 1
~ Story of the World {Vol.1} Audio / activity guide
~ Elemental Science Classic: Earth Science for Grammar Stage
Foreign Language
~ Song School Latin, book 1
Memory Work / Composer Study
~ Foundations memory
~ Composer study (2 X’s a month)                                                         
~Softball team {Fall & Spring Ball}

McKenzie ~ JrK *
* We are Opting her out of Kindergarten for our city’s school records, however, she will be doing Kindergarten work spread over two years.
~ Buck Denver asks… What’s in the Bible? DVDs & Coloring Book
~ Sonlight Core PreK
~ Horizons Kindergarten Phonics & Reading Set *review coming early Sept.
~ Moving Beyond the Page, Age 4-5, {letter reinforcement, yr 2/2}
~ Ready2Read Level 1
~ Saxon K {2nd half} / Touch Math K, Units A & B
~ Foundations Memory
~ Hot Shots Gymnastics, 12 hours a month

Micah ~ Tiny Tot School
~ playing and exploring
~ Tot School {starting in January 2015}

 Be sure to head check out what others will be using this year at the "Not" Back To Homeschool Curriculum week. Come back next week to see our classroom{s}.
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