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Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up ~ Grandma came to town (wks 2 & 3)

In my life this week… we enjoyed the visit from Grandma and  grandma and girlsCousin Danielle last week. Adding another student to the mix was fun and challenging at times but we made it through. It was so great having an extra person there to listen to stories be read aloud or to help keep the littles entertained. The girls had a blast with their cousin and we were all sad when it was time to go home.

In our homeschool this week… we finished up our third week. It 100% on spelling wk 3 was a hard transition back to school after the holiday weekend but we accomplished what was set at task. Mikayla & Montana both received 100% on their spelling tests, this was Mikayla’s 3rd week in a row with 100%…keep up the good work!

What’s working/not working for us… Madison’s transition to independence is not quite working how I thought, but a little tweaking of the schedule should fix it.


I am inspired by… all the homeschooling moms who post weekly of their weeks. It gives me that needed inspiration to post our weekly highlights and woes. I love that most people keep it real and that it is not all glitz and glory, because I know at my house it is definitely not.

My favorite thing this week was… seeing McKenzie go to her first official gymnasts class. She was over the moon about it!

1st day of tumble bunniesF. forward roll 

F. stretching

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… let’s be real, you will find me on my way to the gym, at the gym, or coming home from the gym. School schedule started back up with gymnastics so we are adjusting to our week. Next week should be a little different.

Grandma and cousin Jackie

Questions/thoughts I have… why does my mailman not like delivering my packages? I understand it is HOT, but really, that is your job…hmmm 

Things I’m working on… going to bed at a decent hour and not drinking soda (again). I tend to be a night owl which is not conducive for waking up for 530AM quiet time, which then leads to the need for caffeine from soda…sigh!

Mt. Dew I needed this

I’m reading… The Time in Between, it is going very slow. I may change depending on what I find at the library today. My IKEA catalog finally came yesterday and I was up all night looking at it… my shopping list is growing ever so long.

I’m cooking… breakfast for dinner tonight. Normally we would have breakfast for dinner on Thursday nights but we needed to change it.

I’m grateful for… long weekends and being able to spend them with family.AJ at church

I’m praying for… safe travels for Grandma and Danielle as they fly home today.

Grandma & Danielle

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blowing candles out



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