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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February’s 3 in 30


So last month, can you believe it’s February already, Ashley and Meghan began hosting a fun goal setting meme called 3 in 30 and I missed the sign ups. So I made sure not to miss February’s posting because after the way my January started I need all the bloggy support I can get.

Anyway, you pick 3 goals that you want to accomplish for the month so you can finally mark them off the list.  Because I already know that my February is already jammed packed to the gills I chose things off my list that wouldn’t stretch me too far.  Is that cheating??? Maybe so, but I am going with it! Trust me you would too, if you saw my calendar.  So here they are:

#3~ Find a new doctor & go. 

Sounds simple enough, but it’s oh so hard! I want to get a complete physical to make sure this body of mine is in tip top shape for my family.

#33~ Print/organize digital photos.

I remember reading a post from Melissa last year about how she organizes her photos and makes a monthly print folder. Then I saw it again when she did a guest post on Life With My 3 Barbarians and knew it’s about time I tackle this task, after all I don’t want my babies to end up just being JPEGs, I want to see their smiling faces on the walls and in albums.

#48 ~ Sew more cloth napkins.

We don’t use paper around here…paper napkins or paper towels. My collection of cloth napkins is holding up pretty well, I would just like to add some fresh, new color to the table.

So, there you have it, my 3 goals I wish to tackle this month. What do you want to accomplish this month?

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