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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beginning of 2nd semester, week 19

school day 21111 027

We are back into our groove now…at least I think we are. Things went smoothly as the girls and I dove back into the books after a week off for first semester break.  The girls knew they had a reward at the end of the week, a movie date with Daddy if their schoolwork was done. Amazing how that reward can light a fire under oneself.

school 003

Math~  Things in the math world are going quite smoothly. Marie is plugging away at slopes and y-intercepts…remember those? Madison is just beginning to get into long division. It has been a challenge with her because she is convinced she can do it in her head and not show her work, WRONG! But she is now back on track. Mikayla begged, yes begged to do the TimesAlive! multiplication on the computer everyday. She is flying through her math lessons, and learning her multiplication facts. She has got the 7’s down and the the 12’s to 3. Montana is busy counting up to 100 and making 1 to1 connections.

 school day 21111 027

Science~ This week in elementary science we studied Mercury. The girls are really enjoying Astronomy lessons and they are teaching me a thing or two. One funny part of this week was when the book said to ask your mother how old she was in 1974 to figure out how old I was when Mariner 10 studied Mercury. The girls didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t born. They finally decided that I was –4. We also did an experiment to simulate the craters on Mercury by dropping marbles and balls into floor. That was fun and a bit messy when McKenzie decided she wanted to try too.

  school day 21111 071 school day 21111 034

school 005  LA/Grammar~ Madison spent the majority of the week doing beginning sentence diagramming of simple and compound subjects and predicates. So far so good, she is getting it. We have a reading challenge going on in an effort for me to get the girls to read more independently. It’s very similar to Jolanthe’s challenge but I changed the number of books to be read. I also changed the number of pages to count for two books for Madison to 100 pages. For their first reward the girls have decided that if they read 30 books by the end of the 3rd quarter (April 7th) then we will go to 7-11 and get a slurpee and a treat. So far, so good, Madison has read 3 books and Mikayla 2 books. I am keeping myself accountable for Montana & McKenzie by having them do the challenge too. I read to them both each night before bed so they can participate too in addition to reading during the school day.  I have a different reading challenge for Marie that I hope to get her started on next week. It’s more of a project but I think she will like it too! Lately she hasn’t been doing any reading outside of school reading and I want to change that while I day 21111 011 school day 21111 012

AWANA~ We haven’t been to AWANA in two weeks, once because of gymnastics and the other because of the Superbowl! The girls are still plugging away at their verses but I am starting to get concerned that Mikayla may not finish her book and get her Sparky plaque. She is halfway through the book so that is good, but I need to be more diligent in getting them to club. This coming Sunday won’t be a challenge but next week might as we have another gymnastics weekend.

school day 21111 002 Pre School~ Montana has just started The Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy Lessons book. So far so good. She gets up ready to do school and do her lessons. We’ve been playing this really cool game lately too, (a review will be coming at the end of the month) that has been helping with her letter recognition. This week we made it through lesson 4 in the book. I need to do more alphabet art with her so that is my goal next week.

school day 21111 001

school day 21111 016  Tot School ~ McKenzie has been busy as a bee. She is learning and picking up on so much stuff. Her comprehension is amazing. If you tell her or ask her something like, go get your jacket, she goes right to the closet where it is kept. She also is starting to talk, yipee!!! It is so cute to hear her say “yes” and she even can say “light”. She says light every time we get into the van because the light is just above her seat.  We have been working on stacking blocks but she likes to just knock them down. Her new thing too is to write on the dry erase board. We catch her sometimes writing on her hands and body too.

school day 21111 005  The girls earned their reward and went to see Gnome & Juliet Friday afternoon.


So, that’s our week. How was yours? Check out Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and see how others weeks went.

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