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Saturday, February 26, 2011

050-057 ~ 365 weekly recap

050 ~365

Feb misc 021

We had a tough competition this day. Both girls did really great and Madison fought hard and made it to the podium, taking 3rd place on vault. All-around scores for both were Madison-

and Mikayla-. Next up is sectionals on the 12th of March…almost to State girls, keep up the good work!

051 ~ 365

Feb misc 038

Have you ever seen a female boxer? An 8 year old female boxer at that! This little girl did not mess around in the ring. She knocked down the little boy she fought for the title and I felt bad for him, because I am sure his parents told him to never hit a girl.

052 ~ 365

Feb misc 049

Future Olympic gymnast in training…way to go Montana!

053 ~ 365

feb misc2 006

Face painting at Girl Scouts…cookies anyone?

054 ~ 365

feb misc2 013

morning reading

055 ~ 365

feb misc2 010

8 more days until our 100th day of school!

056 ~ 365

feb misc2 016


057 ~ 365

feb misc2 022

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