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Monday, January 31, 2011

TOS Review ~ Times Alive!



times alive 2011-365 001 “Math is FUN!”

Wait…did that just come out of my 4th graders mouth?

Yes…YES, it did!!!!

We received a download of Times Alive! from City Creek Press in December to review. I will just tell you now, flat out, that if you have a child that struggles with there multiplication facts, drop everything and purchase this product. Yes, it’s that good! Anything that can make my non-math liking 4th grader say, “math is fun” is worth every penny to me. Not to mention she now has a full grasp of her multiplication facts.


Times Alive! is a fun, engaging, supplementary math program founded by former Sylvan Learning Center owner                     Judy Liautaud that has been “Helping Kids Get a Kick Out of learning since 1992.” Times Alive! is an interactive game that uses stories, songs, and quizzes to help teach children multiplication facts from zero's through the nine's times tables. By viewing short animated video clips with catchy lyrics my students were eager for math all day.

Features of the program include:

*taken from City Creek Press website*

  • Students read along while they hear the storyteller.

  • Lively animation makes the number characters come alive.

  • Each story is followed by a music video with a catchy song.
  • Interactive games and fun quizzes engage the student while testing recall.
  • Progress reports summarize date lesson completed, quiz scores, and time elapsed.
  • Students may stop anywhere and resume where they left off. The program remembers.


    Times Alive! software is available for purchase either as an electronic download, $44.95 or on a CD-Rom, $48.95.  PC and Mac versions are both available.  Additional multiplication and addition resource kits containing other helpful materials to reinforce learning the math facts are also available at budget-saving discounts.

    times alive 2011-365 002 

    2 thumbs up, what a great product!!! I recommend this to any struggling math facts learner. Our favorite math fact story was 6 x 8.  My girls couldn't get enough of the program and actually begged to do math.  See what others on the TOS Crew thought by clicking here.

  • Product: Times Alive software

    Company: City Creek Press

    Ages: Anyone needing to master multiplication facts

  • Video Samples: City Creek’s YouTube channel

  • Price: $44.95 for download; $48.95 for CD-ROM

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse 2010-2011 Crew and as such received a download of Times Alive! in exchange for a thorough and honest review.  Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of cash for my reviews.  The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but are not influenced by the company or the free product provided .

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