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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Grandma


2011 365 girls 024

How are you doing? Don’t you just love my new smile…it makes Mommy and sisters crack up so I do it all the time. We are all doing pretty dandy out here. It is cold though so I don’t get to go outside too much. But you know what, I been keeping myself pretty busy with markers, books, and toys. Look what I can do now…

2011 365 girls 023

almost have my forward roll…

Jan misc. 2011-265 120and sooo close to doing a handstand like sisters. Did you see me wearing Montana’s leo?

Not much else going just staying busy as a bee and keeping Mommy on her toes. My favorite thing is flushing the potty. Mommy says if you can’t use it, you can’t flush it. But I love flushing it, All. Day. Long. Those sisters of mine really do need to keep the door closed.

Jan misc. 2011-265 020Jan misc. 2011-265 056Jan misc. 2011-265 040Jan misc. 2011-265 076

I am off for now because it’s Girl Scouts today and I love sitting at the table with my Daisy friends. Love you and can’t wait until your visit this summer!

Jan misc. 2011-265 070

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