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Friday, October 8, 2010

TOS Review ~ Digital Frog International


Have you ever wanted to go on a field trip to the Rainforest? How about the Wetlands or the Desert? Well I am here to tell you you can! All without having to don your galoshes or filling up the canteens to quench your thirst in the desert. How you  ask? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Head on over to the Digital Frog International site and check out the array of digital field trips they have to offer.

When I first heard I was on the list for Digital Frog International I got excited. Would they be sending us the virtual frog dissection??? How cool would that be, I love biology! But we received something even better, the Digital Field Trip Series with 3 virtual field trips to the Rainforest, the Wetlands, and the Desert. And we don't even have to leave the comforts of home.

Each DVD software features the following components:

  • An interactive map
  • Definitions for every word and pronunciations of scientific words
  • Ability to bookmark favorite screens
  • Online updates

The accompanying teacher's guide includes teaching suggestions, lesson answers, and graphic resources for K-3 activities all in a digital format allowing you to print directly from the CD. Also included is an extensive student workbook that makes an excellent study guide while on your trip.

Right from the start you are taken into the trip and ready to navigate the series.

The Rainforest


“Experience the tropical rainforest of Belize with 28 virtual reality posts from deep in the forest and even up in the canopy. Other topics covered include rainforest types and mechanisms, an interactive dependency web game and a botany primer."

The Wetlands DigitalFrogWetlands

"Explore wetland ecology with a virtual field trip to a wetland in southern Ontario. Includes wetland types, bog formation, plus detailed sections on photosynthesis, food chains and webs and nutrient cycles."

The Desert


“Five deserts of the southwestern U.S.—from the saguaro cacti of the Sonoran to the sand dunes of Death Valley—are brought to life in our biggest field trip ever. Try your hand at building your own desert, learn about landscape formation and in-depth sections on adaptations and homeostasis.”



The Digital Field Trip series is a hybrid disc—so basically you can run the same disc on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

System requirements:


Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7 or Vista (32 bit) (some features may not work in the 64 bit version of Vista)

  • 32 MB of RAM (64 or more recommended)
  • 75 MB of hard drive space for QuickTime


  • Mac OSX 10.3.9 or later
  • 30 MB of available RAM

DigitalFieldTripSeriesHomeschool pricing: 

Depending on what your looking for the pricing ranges from $40 - $125.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent trekking through each of the field trips. Getting a up close, hands on look and being able to explore was fantastic. I can’t wait for next year when Marie will be in 9th grade biology and we get to explore the Digital Frog 2.5 dissection. I would recommend these trips for anyone looking to enhance there studies. To check out what my crewmates have to say, click here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse 2010-2011 Crew and as such received a copy of Digital Frog International software in exchange for a thorough and honest review.  Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of cash for my reviews.  The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but are not influenced by the company or the free product provided .

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