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Sunday, October 3, 2010

ER trip

 ER Montana 009

Can I just say that I am not a fan of ER’s, period! Montana and McKenzie have both been battling a cold since Wednesday. McKenzie was just a yucky green discharge from the nose and a little cough here or there. Montana however, got the full deal, croup cough, runny nose and she lost her voice by Friday evening. By late Saturday night, just as we were about to start family movie night I noticed she was having trouble breathing.  That all too familiar wheezing sound was coming through her little barking cough.

So off we went to our local ER. This was our very first trip to this ER and prayerfully our last, I will drive the extra 20 minutes to the Naval Hospital as long as it is not life threatening. Yes, it was that bad!

The night started off with the receptionist having an extremely bad attitude with everyone who crossed her path. It was very clear that she did not want to be there on that Saturday night and she was taking it out on everyone who needed care.  The triage nurse then proceeded to tell me that my child had a fever of 100.6. Okay!?! She didn’t have a fever when I left my house 20 minutes ago nor at any other time and that is not a high fever at all. And if your that concerned with it then give her a dose of Tylenol.  Then she went into a whole speal of whether or not she had asthma. I politely explained to her that Montana does not have asthma, my oldest daughter does so it runs in our family. Marie was diagnosed with asthma and pneumonia so I was concerned. She could care less.

So, we proceeded to sit in the waiting area with all the other people needing care. There was lots of commotion, loud voices of mothers yelling at there young children, drink throwing etc. After about an hour and a half of waiting the receptionist called me back up because she needed to check me in, WHAT!!!??? Why have I been sitting here unchecked in???  I should have left right then and there, but it was 1045 P.M. at this point and Montana was sleeping.

ER Montana 014

We waiting another half hour before being called back into a room, where our nurse left us in a frozen tundra of a room for over an hour! Montana was so cold that I had her bundled in the thin sheet and gown that was provided, but because of her fever (that she still had no medicine for) she was sweating buckets. Me on the other hand, I was a popsicle. I fell asleep and banged my head on the wall.ER Montana 005

Long story short, Montana ended up having to have two nebulizer treatments to get her oxygen levels stable and a chest x-ray. The x-ray showed no signs of pneumonia, for that I was grateful. She does have bronchitis though so she is on a round of Amoxicilian to fight off the germs. What an eventful night!

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