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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sharing their love

Want to know why these two are so  happy?    sharing 043 It’s because they just delivered birthday presents to their friend, A, who lives across the street.

sharing 022

On Friday while the girls were supposed to be doing their school work, I found them making birthday cards. They knew it was payday and they decided that they were going to purchase presents for their friend using their monthly commission. I was very pleased to hear of the plans to bless and surprise their friend. Usually we purchase birthday gifts out of the family account, but they insisted about using their own money they earned. So, last night we counted up the money and split into our 10-20-70% categories respectively.

This morning they were eager to head out to the local store to make the purchases. Little Montana didn’t get to accompany us because she has the croup cough and she lost her voice, poor girl! But we know our Montana and picked something special out for her gift.

sharing 003sharing 001

sharing 004

When we returned from shopping the girls quickly wrapped the gifts and then headed on their way across the street. That’s the birthday girl in the pink shirt, doesn’t she look surprised!

sharing 036

It blesses my heart that my girls think of others before themselves and that they are learning to give unselfishly. Way to go girls, I am so proud of you and your kindness!!!

sharing 012

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