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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can you guess…

Mikayla has her Candy Day costume picked out. Can you guess what she is going to be?

 sun eygpt 079

The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.  She is really loving the Tapestry of Grace three week Egyptian trial, and I am over the moon about it too. Her interest in history has peaked and she is wanting to do her history first thing in the morning.

Yesterday we practiced putting on the makeup and doing her hair. This weekend we will put the finishing touches on her crown and get started on her dress.  

sun eygpt 078sun eygpt 100sun eygpt 099 

I think we need a brighter shade of red for the lips, what do you think?  This picture is from December 2006 as we were gearing up for the new cheer competition season. Isn’t she so cute, our little Superstar.

She loved the hair and makeup session and got into the Queen role rather quickly. I asked her to fold up the linen napkins and she looked at me and replied: “Queens don’t do laundry.” Oh my!

sun eygpt 102

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