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Monday, August 24, 2009

No!!! I am not having TWINS....

I had 2 people ask me this morning at the hospital if I was having twins. Another lady commented on how big my stomach is and that I must be having a BIG baby. Um NO!!!, I just have 3 weeks extra amniotic fluid in my belly!!! This morning I had my first weekly Non-Stress Test (NST). I wasn't sure what to expext but thankfully it didn't take all day as I have heard it could have. I sat in a reclining chair and sipped ice cold water for about 1 1/2 hours, normally the test should take 20-30 minutes. Miss McKenzie was being stubborn and not wanting to stay on the monitor again. Her heart rate is still low between 109-118 beats, I will be bringing that up to the doctor in the morning. Being that low is a concern of Mike and I. One, we are wondering why it is so low, especailly since nothing on any of the ultrasounds shows any kind of defect with her heart and she is very, let me repeat, VERY active. I met two other ladies behind the curtain cubicle I was in (I will take pictures next week, wasn't thinking today), one was having twin boys and a c-section that she was very worried about having. I gave her some veteran advice to walk as soon as she can. The other lady was in a similar boat with me having the polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid), only hers was caused by her diabetes, mine diagnosis unknown. She had advice for me not to worry about the extra fluid since it was detected so late in my pregnancy (32 weeks) unlike hers, which was discovered at her 20 week ultrasound. Anywho, I go to see my OB doctor bright and early tomorrow monring.

Montana enjoyed her time today in the child waiting center. She packed her lunch in the Camp Rock Jonas Brother lunch pail, which consisted of garden salad with Ranch dressing (she has switched from Catalina dressing to Ranch, which I am glad because as much as she loves it, it stains her face and fingers) minus the carrots, not allowed at the center, 3 slices of cheese, 3 Ritz crackers, a caramel rice cake, and pink lemonade to drink. She carried it on her shoulder the whole way from the parking garage. Such a big girl. She is so ready to be BIG sister. She is always wanting to know if McKenzie is "ready" yet.

When I got back home everyone loaded up and went to check out the local gymnastics gym since we were not able to go last week. The girls and I were impressed. Montana is excited because they will let her start lessons before she turns 3. Madison & Mikayla will do a test run tryout maybe on Friday. I do have a doctors appointment that day so we may have to wait until next week. The girls are excited to get back into the gym. Tried to convince Marie to tumbling but she declined.

I will try to get my menu posted this evening. I made pizza bread yesterday and it was sooo delicious you have to try it.
That's it for now, chat later.


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