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Monday, August 24, 2009

Menu plan Aug. 22-29

This past weekend we went to the Commissary located at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The Commissary was very small compared to what we have been used to in the past, but it had all of the commodities we needed just squeezed into small compact aisles. They didn't have a deli or a bakery but we can work around that. The girls were looking forward to their cookie treat, however, Mike bought them ice cream. Here's what we are eating this week.

b-scrambled eggs, bacon, hm pancakes, cantaloupe
l- lunch meat sandwiches, orange slices, chips
d- hm pizza braid, applesauce, garden salad

b- free choice
l- boiled egg, Ritz crackers, yogurt, cheese slices
d- lasagna, garlic bread, tomato/cucumber salad

b- waffles, cantaloupe,milk or juice
l- leftover lasagna, wheat bread, peaches
d- beef enchilada's, Spanish rice, green grapes

b- oatmeal, toast, milk or juice
l- fruit smoothie, cheese slices, Saltines, watermelon, Italian dry salami
d- tator tot casserole, fruit cocktail, biscuits

b- bagels with cream cheese or jelly, orange slices, milk or juice
l- banana muffins, strawberries, cheese sticks
d- baked ziti, garden salad, garlic bread, red grapes

b- cereal Friday, banana,milk or juice
l- egg salad sandwich, watermelon, goldfish
d- ffy aka leftovers

*do you have a homemade banana bread/muffin recipe that you can share? It seems that I have misplaced mine in the move*


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