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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bed rest Day 2

You get a lot of time to think while laying in bed. Today I am actually laying on the couch downstairs so I can be closer to the girls. It is not as comfortable as the bed but I will take it to be in their presence. So, I was thinking. If my uterus is measuring 35 weeks when Kenzie is 32 weeks, that is 3 weeks difference. I usually go into labor the day I turn 37 weeks, do you think that means my uterus only has 2 more weeks until it thinks that the baby is done??? That scares me because it would mean that Kenzie would only be 34 weeks gestational age!!! That is still in the danger zone for development right? Her lungs would not be fully developed. I am praying that my uterus holds until it measures 39-40 weeks, making Kenzie 36-37 weeks gestational age. My cervix is high and tight as I don't dilate. Contractions are still strong and very noticeable even on my side. I will continue to lay in bed/couch as I want my baby to grow as long as she can inside.

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  1. hey jacquelin, remember God is in control, He knows when little missy will be here for all of us to spoil !!! something i look forward to doing... see you soon. give me the word and i leave my job, bring our school books and fly from ca to va. hang in there and REST. aj

    p.s. i'm already planning a party!!!