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Sunday, August 16, 2009

3D Ultrasound

My little Kenzie bug is growing and getting bigger each day. This is the first time we have ever had a 3/4D ultrasound and it was amazing to see her in the womb. The first thing I noticed was the hair, yep, a head full just like her sisters. And those chubby cheeks just waiting to be squeezed. Montana had a blast seeing her sister, she is excited and ready to be a big sister. She keep putting the bag of baby clothes I need to go through closer and closer to the laundry. I should probably listen to her instinct just in case and start to get ready.
We did find the missing infant carseat that was misplaced during the move. It was labeled as not packed in a box as a piece of furniture like one of our other car seats, but low and behold, and to my great relief, it was tucked away safely in a box. It's in the house now, just going to take the cover off and wash it so it is nice and fresh. And did you know they make Dreft in HE, score!!!

We can't wait to meet her, especially me, my body is starting to get restless and achy, but I will hang in as long as I can. No nesting yet, but I feel it coming on. There are things to get in order before her arrival, but we will be ready for the day she makes her arrival.


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