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Friday, July 10, 2020

2020 ~ 2021 Plan of Study ~ 12th, 8th, 5th, and 1st grades

Happy Friday friends! 

I am excited to finally be posting our 2020 ~ 2021 Plan of Study. It's amazing to me that we are entering our 12th year of homeschooling...12 years! Mikayla was in 1st grade when we officially started our homeschooling journey (she did spend her first half of Kindergarten home because of an undiagnosed gallstone) after moving from WA State and now she is entering her Senior year. It's been an amazing journey so far and I am excited to continue for 12 more years to complete Micah's education. 

Our school year begins again in just 6 short weeks and we have some changes happening once again. For 2020 ~ 2021 we will have a Senior, and a 8th, 5th, and 1st graders. I have planned and re-planned the courses with the input from all of the children for weeks now and finally figured out what I hope will better suit my son's learning as well. It’s quite a span of learning but I am excited for the challenge. As in previous years, each of my children will have a specific area that we will focus on throughout the year. Pouring into their individual focus areas has lead to good fruits down the road as they leave the nest. Once again I am excited to be at a place where we can reuse most of our curriculum we own already. The bulk of our curriculum budget this year is going to my Senior and 8th grader as we have the majority of our Grammar stage curriculum. 

This year we are all looking forward to going back to our Sabbath schooling schedule of 9/1 and 6/1 (X weeks schooling / 1 week off). Mikayla will continue to follow her typical schedule that includes working over the weekend because of her gymnastics training schedule. This has proven successful for her especially as she is transitioning to University life next year where she will have to complete her studies on the weekend. Montana, McKenzie, and Micah will continue to study 4 days a week, taking off on Wednesdays when we attend our co-op. As always, if you don't finish your assignments during the week, it must be done by Saturday afternoon.

We are starting a bit later than usual this year as we need to get Madison back to University and Mikayla has been invited to visit a few Universities, so with our August 24th start date, we will have 15 weeks completed by the start of our Christmas break on December 18th. Remember, any links below are only for reference and are not affiliate links. Let's dive in...

Mikayla ~ 12th grade 

 ~ Sonlight Bible 510
 ~ Saxon Advanced Math ~ Trigonometry with Pre-Calculus and Calculus through Derivatives with lecture instruction from Art Reed DVD’s and mom
Honors Science 
 ~ Apologia Advanced Biology (A&P) at coop ~ I'm teaching
Honors English 12 
 ~ IEW Fix-It Grammar 5 and 6
~ Vocabulary Instruction that Works, Vol. 3 and 4
~ Writing with Veritas Press
~ selected Sonlight Literature
 ~ Sonlight Core 500
~ Sonlight AP Psychology
~ Home Economics - Kitchen, Household and Personal Management Skills
~ Forensic Science
~ Photography/Yearbook at coop
~ Level 10 gymnastics, 28 + hours a week

Extras ~ ACT/SAT study 1 hr/day

Total credits: 8.5 credits 

Montana is wrapping up her last year as a Dialectic student. She still is not a huge fan of math but it's not taking all day like it has in past years. She still enjoys reading along with with her newfound artist abilities that she has been showcasing. This year she is we begin her college prep studies by adding in a few high school classes that she is ready for.

Montana ~ 8th grade 

Morning Time Recitations 

 ~ Sonlight Bible 100
 ~ Saxon Algebra 1/2 with Mastering Algebra John Saxon's Way Lectures

~ Honors Apologia Physical Science with Red Wagon Tutorials Lectures - 1 credit
~ Entomology *at coop because Mama doesn't do bugs

Language Arts 
 ~ Rod & Staff Grammar, book 8
~ Vocabulary Instruction that Works, Vol. 1
 ~ Essentials in Writing, grade 8 *only the writing portion
~ Sonlight Literature Core 100

 ~ Sonlight Core 100 - 1 credit

Foreign Language 
~ Classical Academic Press Latin Alive, Level 1 - 1 credit
~ softball in the spring...the private school is not letting homeschoolers play next year so we will look for another option

~ PSAT study/ 20 minutes a day

~ Girl Scout Cadette 

At our weekly Co-Op:
~ Entomology
~ Physical Science
~ Art
~ Animal Behavior
~ Survival Skills

Total credits: 3 credits

Our biggest change this year is to our History studies. We are going back to Tapestry of Grace for my two youngest. We will stick it out for at least the complete 4-year cycle and then reevaulate where McKenzie is. One of the reasons for the change is because while McKenzie's reading has improved she is not ready for the independence of Core G for 6th grade next year. So, I opted to take a slower approach through the four year history cycle while getting the option to combine her and Micah with a more hands-on approach. 1st and 5th grades are the time to study Ancients so it made sense to switch now. Change is good, especially when it helps me help my children be the best students they can be! 

McKenzie ~ 5th Grade 

Morning Time Recitations 

~ You're God's Girl Devotional
~ Bible Journaling

~ Saxon 6/5 with DIVE lectures

~ Real Science Odyssey: Biology 2
Language Arts 
~ Rod & Staff Grammar 5
~ Rod & Staff Spelling 6
~ IEW SSS Level A
~ A Reason for Handwriting, Cursive F
~ Greek & Latin Roots Vocabulary
~ Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 at the Upper Grammar Level
~ Story of the World {Vol.1} Audio / activity guide
~ Monthly TOGether co-op meeting for show n' tell
Foreign Language 
~ Classical Academic Press Latin for Children A
~ Health for the Glory of God
~ Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!): The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls

 ~ Level 8 gymnastics Team, 25+ hours a week *we are hopeful she moves up to Level 8 this season, with the COVID shut down we will see how training goes through the summer.


 At our weekly Co-Op:
~ 50 States
~ Lego's
~ Human Body Lab
~ Art or Financial Peace Jr

Micah ~ 1st Grade 

Morning Time Recitations
Hands-On Morning Tubs
 ~ Leading Little Ones to God
 ~ Apologia Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Grade 1
 ~ Math Made Fun, Grade 1/2
~ Real Science Odyssey: Life 1
 Language Arts / Phonics 
~ Monthly NO PREP Packets
~ The Moffatt Girls Ready2Read Sight words *finish Level 2
~ Fluency Strips™
~ Sonlight Readers 1
~ A Reason for Handwriting, Manuscript A 
~ Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 at the Lower Grammar Level
~ Story of the World {Vol.1} Audio / activity guide
~ Monthly TOGether co-op meeting for show n' tell
Foreign Language 
 ~ Classical Academic Press Song School Latin 1
 ~ Fall & Spring Baseball, maybe wrestling
 ~ Boy Scout Tiger

At our weekly Co-Op:
~ Geography
~ Lego's
~ Hands-On Math
~ Art
~ Choir

 I know I enjoy seeing what others have planned for their own homeschoolers, but I worry about what image I am unknowingly projecting. Please know that I plan big and have high expectations of myself and my children, yet we fail in one fashion or another every single day. I know what they are individually capable of and the push and pull is a grace filled one. I may seem to have it all together but know I struggle just like you with insecurities in educating my children to the best of my God-given ability. There are many days that I wonder if I am able, but He equips me each and every day with confidence! The one thing I have learned over the last eleven years is to do what works for our family and my children.

Yes, it’s easier said than done at times, especially when there is some new shiny curriculum that comes out…but like they say the grass is not always greener on the other side. Granted it has taken me several years to get this much-needed concept, but it is so freeing when you do! Thanks for making it through this long post! I am busy writing lesson plans and prepping the hands-on work and student notebooks for our year. The first day will be here before we know it!

 Have a great day!

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