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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2017 ~ 2018 Morning Time Recitations plan of study

We start school in 20 days!

TWENTY days!!!

I am not ready yet but I have slowly but surely been getting our plan of study out of my head and onto paper and ready to post. In fact, it will go live this Friday sometime. Hopefully first thing in the morning, but because I know my schedule of running to and from the gym 2-3 times a day, I am just going to say Friday.

Today I did have the chance to sit down to write out our plan for our Morning Time Recitations {MTR} which very well might take place in the afternoon again this year. I prefer mornings but I am waiting on a training schedule for McKenzie, as I already have an idea of Mikayla’s training schedule. Tentatively but almost positively, Mikayla is scheduled to be at the gym M-F for training and have the weekends free…. and she will only have one day of evening practice because of her online co-op class.


This is big guys…HUGE in fact and it makes my Mama heart happy! Now, don’t think that we will be sleeping in and lounging around on Saturday because it will need to be a full fledged school day for Mikayla and I (and anyone else who does not finish their weekly assignments}. She will have 3 double days at the gym where she is there for 9 hours with a 2.5-hour break for lunch and school. I wish 2.5 hours was enough to get her daily work done, but it is not enough, and we both know that going into Freshman year {FRESHMAN, guys! How did she get so old?} so we will be utilizing our Saturday to complete our weekly work.

Okay, I am off on a tangent and need to get back on focus. I wonder if it’s unrealistic to think that I can start our MTR with Mikayla before leaving for the gym at 7-730 AM and then do it again at 930-1030 AM with the other children? Only time will tell but I am determined to make it work and yet to find the good and beautiful before starting our day. Here is our general plan for the next school year…

~ prayer
~ Bible / hymn / memory verse
~ Recitations (grade level)
~ Journal prompts
~ Memory work / poetry
~ Character Traits / Habits {6 habits per year studied for 6 weeks at a time; obedience, attention, truthfulness, kindness, manners, and cleanliness using Laying Down the Rails.}
~ Read-aloud {see schedule below}

Focus days:
Monday ~ Masterpiece Monday / Fine Arts activities
Tuesday ~ Show & Tell / Oral Presentations (tell me what you know about any topic for 5th grade and up)
Wednesday ~ Geography/History
Thursday ~ Nature Study (alternating between the Memoria Press Book of Trees and Nature’s Beautiful Order)
Friday ~ Finish Literature / History questions, fine arts activities

Read-Aloud focus schedule: {my goal is to read up to 45 minutes aloud each evening before bed, however, my voice is not always that strong so I will have the older girls take turns reading aloud too.}

Monday ~ Tapestry of Grace Literature or History
Tuesday ~ Wisdom and the Millers
Wednesday ~ Science in the Ancient World

Thursday ~ Nature readings from MP books
Friday ~ we will work through this list for the year:

·         A Cry from Egypt
·         The Red Pyramid
·          The Throne of Fire
·         The Serpent's Shadow
·         God’s Name’s
·         The Mysterious Benedict Society series (we previously read through these books when Madison and Mikayla were young, now it’s time for Montana and McKenzie to enjoy them)
·         Greek Mythology with Interactive work
·         God King
·         Daily Life at the Time of Jesus
·         The Bronze Bow

I'd love to hear your morning time plans if you have any! Leave a comment and let me know.

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