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Friday, August 9, 2019

Classical Literature Guides from Memoria Press ~ a TOS review

It’s Friday and time for another review! As Classical homeschoolers we are no stranger to the high quality curriculum that Memoria Press produces. In fact, we use quite a bit of Memoria Press curriculum in our yearly studies. This year with McKenzie my 4th grader I am focusing on reading with her so we were blessed to receive the Fourth Grade Literature Guide Set to use to get a jump start on her reading studies. We are both excited to dive into her first literature guide, The Cricket in Times Square.

If you are new to the homeschool, Memoria Press (MP) is a family-run publishing company founded by Cheryl Lowe in 1994. The company creates simple, easy-to-use classical Christian education curriculum for home and private schools all over the world. Memoria Press's produces many popular Latin, logic, literature, and classical studies courses for children in PreK-12th grade. Their products are written and field-tested with the students who attend the highly acclaimed Highlands Latin School. We were blessed to receive the full Literature Guide Set for the 4th grade that includes the Teacher and Student Guides for the following titles:

~ The Cricket in Times Square 
~ Homer Price
 ~ The Blue Fairy Book
 ~ Dangerous Journey: The story of Pilgrims Progress

Each Student and Teacher’s Guide is a soft cover book that contains between 25 to 75 pages. The cover is a glossy cover with a depiction of the book. Inside you will find crisp black and white pages for completing.

The guide are divided into chapter or stories for each book. The Teacher’s Guide is the exact copy of the Student Guide with the answers filled in. There are also helpful information for the teacher in that guide.

You can use the guides in any order you choose, however, since we have a copy of the 4th grade Lesson Plans I followed the plans in there and we started with The Cricket in Times Square. Each day of the week you are given a little bit to complete from each chapter of the book.

I had McKenzie read aloud to me while I followed along in my own copy of the book. She didn’t much appreciate the reading aloud and I soon discovered why. Once we started the curriculum I realized that McKenzie’s eyes do not track very well and she frequently skipped words or chunks of words. So, we stopped and slowed down to make sure she read each word. This helped tremendously with her reading comprehension as well.

McKenzie enjoys this literature curriculum and doesn’t put up too much of a fight to do her reading. That makes me happy, as it could be a struggle. The variety of lessons and activities found within the guides keeps the information fresh and exciting.

The plan for the upcoming school year is to have McKenzie read and complete the other novels and study guides. I feel like these are a great addition to our literature curriculum and will help her become a strong, avid reader.

First to Tenth Grade Literature Guides {Memoria Press Reviews}
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First to Tenth Grade Literature Guides {Memoria Press Reviews}

Company ~ Memoria Press 
 Format ~ softcover work texts 
 Ages ~ targeted for 4th grade

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