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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Scheduling classes with Homeschool Spanish Academy

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Madison and Mikayla each now have four weeks of Spanish lessons with Homeschool Spanish Academy {HSA} under their belts. Things are going really well for both girls and today I wanted to tell you about how easy it is to schedule your classes. HSA offers high school level classes for credit for children aged 14-18. It is recommended that students seeking one high school credit should take the 50 minute classes, two times a week. 

There are other course offerings at the high school level including a one semester option with 30 classes that is good for .50 credit or the 15 classes for .25 credits if you just need a bit of a refresher. Once you decide how many lessons you will require you can begin the scheduling process and start picking your days/times and teachers.

HSA offers a first come, first serve online scheduling system. This means you are able to look at all the teacher availability for any given day, time, or month to pick what works best for you. It is recommended that you schedule your classes as far out as possible to guarantee time slots with your preferred teacher because teacher’s do fill up quickly especially right at the beginning of the semester.

I am a creature of habit, so we tend to stick with who we know and fill in our whole 60 classes based off the schedule we have. Once our competition schedules for gymnastics and softball come out I then go back in and make necessary day/time shifts where needed. Having the classes already scheduled out makes it easier on me to see when and where I can make the necessary substitutions. Over the course of time that my children have studied with HSA  since the summer of 2012, we have never had any issues with any of the teachers. So really just pick and choose who fits your schedule. And don’t worry that if you do need to skip around with teachers that they won’t know where your child is at in lessons. The program is so fine tuned that everyone is on track for each child. 

HSA offers such flexibility in their programing that it is the perfect companion to our families foreign languages studies. Being able to pick and choose which days work best for our schedules, which just happen to be Tuesday and Thursdays, is priceless for us.  If you are looking for Spanish instruction for you or your child, whether they be high school or elementary school level look no further that the one-on-one instruction found with a native speaker from Homeschool Spanish Academy!

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