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Monday, May 23, 2016

Have you built your bundle yet?

This week is the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Edition sale! Have you checked it out yet? Please tell me you have!? Why? Well, because there are so many great curriculum's being offered at record low prices, I really don't want you to miss out because these bundles will NEVER be sold together again!

This is my 3rd year purchasing curriculum that we use in our homeschool from this sale. I chose to do the Premium Build Your Own bundle option since I didn't necessarily "need" all the items in any one particular bundle, but rather wanted to pick curriculum here and there. We will be able to use these products in our homeschool this upcoming school year and beyond.

And guess what? If you buy any two bundles you get the 3rd one FREE, how awesome is that! I was able to get 49 selections of curriculum that retails for $706.+ for just $103.00 Yes, that is not a typo! 

Here is a peek at what I purchased:

Premium Bundle # 1
- Elementary Geography & Cultures Curriculum $36.95
- Kids Honor Club Curriculum $29.95
- Sibling Squabbles $6.00
- Parenting with Proverbs $9.00
- Learning about Character Traits $14.50
- Little Annies Art Book $12.95
- Homemade Convenience Foods $5.99
- Lets Classify $8.00
- Praying Proverbs for your Children $8.99
- 101 Independent Activities $9.99
 Total: $59.00 {$142.32 value}

Premium Bundle # 2
- Homemaking Booklet Series $30.00
- 20th Century American Music Appreciation $25.00
- Learning the Word from A to Z $12.00
- Look What I Can Do Preschool Curriculum $12.95
- Color Through Ancient History $6.44
- Take Control A Step-by-Step Guide $14.99
- Student Planner - Homeschool Creations $10.00
- Cultivating Responsibility $9.99
- A Presidential Scrapbook $18.95
- Preschool Fun Pack $5.47
Total: $59.00 {$145.79 value}

Premium Bundle # 3
- Picture Smart Bible K-3 $46.00
- American History Cookbook $20.00
- Bible Activities for Kids $14.00
- Homeschool Planning Pack  $16.00
- Sir Cumference Great Knight of Angleland $15.00
- Sir Cumference Dragon of Pi $15.00
- Sir Cumference Sword in the Cone $15.00
- Sir Cumference Isle of Immeter $15.00
- Sir Cumference All the Kings Tens $15.00
- Sir Cumference First Round Table $15.00
 Total: FREE {$186.00 Value}

Mystery Bundle ~ 19 products * I will share my mystery items when the sale is over to keep the surprise but it is worth the price* with a value of $232.22
Total: $10.00 

Bundle Total: $128.00 - $25 off coupon {I won a $25.00 gift certificate from a contest. Yay, me!} = $103.00 {Total value $706.33}

PLUS, I received all of the items in the picture below FREE just for making a purchase, SCORE!

Pretty awesome, huh! But don't delay, there are only a few more hours to take advantage of all of these deals and your ONLY chance to get these products for 86%-96% off.  

* I have no affiliation with this sale, I just don't want any of you to miss out*

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