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Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up: Random 5 on Friday {style} ~ 05 September

1st trip to ER

1 ~ It’s been an eventful week here in our house. Baby Micah caught a cold and it quickly turned from bad to worse in a matter of hours. Thursday night the Lt and I ended up in the ER with Micah because he was having labored breathing and his temp spiked to 102.  Scary stuff, I tell you! After a chest x-ray the Dr’s said his lungs are clear (hooray) and he has an upper respiratory virus, possibly RSV. The nurses attempted to suction his nose which in turn made him MAD and he let the whole ER know it at 1130PM. However, that helped clear what mucus was trapped in his cute little nose.


2 ~ We were able to accomplish a lot during this week. We have started all subjects now. Some days I find it challenging to keep everyone on task and focused, but we are getting our subjects studied and completing what needs to be done each week.


3 ~ Montana & McKenzie are sponges. I learned this week that Montana’s brain is wired just like Madison’s. Put something to a sing-songy tune and she can memorize it quickly. Right now she is working on hiding Psalm 1:1-6 in her heart. So far she has verses 1-3 down with great dramatic effect when reciting.


4 ~  Marie has really been enjoying her Psychology class. She has been making observations of us throughout the week. Today we did a color reading test. We had to read a list of color words as fast as we could but the colors were different from the actual word, like brown was “Purple”. Some of the stuff she writes during her observations is hilarious to read. This week she wrote a paragraph about mysterious people in her life, here is an excerpt:

“Madison, a space-adoring voracious reader, places first in the race of mysterious people. Skipping around the house while humming is one of her seemingly favorite pastimes. What does she think about as she does this activity? One can only imagine. She also is authoring a book and won’t let anybody but Mikayla, a not-so-mysterious family member read it”.

Mikayla did not like that she was not considered mysterious, LOL! ww3

5 ~  Science class started today with 9 girls in attendance! I was quite nervous at first but things went smoothly and I think the girls learned a lot. Today we studied about the speed of light and calculated it by doing an experiment by melting a chocolate bar in the microwave. They all impressed me with their knowledge of the planets and the universe, way to go girls can’t wait for next week! Madison and Marie were great help for me before the class. Marie drew the universe picture on the chalk board while Madison is my resident go to for everything space. Plus she draws all of my visuals for the class too. {Thanks girls!}

ES PicMonkey Collage

So that’s my randomness and weekly wrap up all in one because this Mama is a bit tired tonight! :-) I am linking this post up to the following sights, stop by and see what everyone has to offer.

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